Do We Have Any Chance For American Auto Season 2 Release Date?

The new American sitcom that is currently running on the NBC channel and is worth a lot of talk regarding the first season, has got some mixed feelings from the audience. The American auto series that is being directed by Justin Spitzer has got a 5.3 IMDb raring which maybe not a lot, but after seeing all the episodes till now we can surely say it is worth a watch, the entire setting is related to a Detroit based automobile company named Payne motors and how after the retirement of the old CEO, the company has broken into complete chaos. So far, the series is filled with drama and laughter and the series is still running and we have already got the question of whether the series is going to have a season 2?

Though we haven’t received many reports regarding the topic as the first season of the series is still airing but we can hopefully expect the next season from the makers of the show. At this moment the viewers don’t need to think much as American auto has still got much to offer to the audience and keep their evenings full of laughter.

American Auto Season 2 Release Date

American Auto Season 2 Release Date

Yes, with ongoing season 1 not being much loved by the audience, it is tough to expect a new season from the makers, but if the ratings improve a bit by the end of the first season, we can hopefully expect a season 2 from the makers, the show has only released 3 episodes till now and the 4th and 5th episodes for season 1 are scheduled for January only.

The first season began airing in December in 2021 and according to all our sources and reports, we can surely expect the second season to drop by sometime in 2023 or by the end of 2022. We are obviously not getting it sooner than that, come on we need to give time for the first season to end and then a break to the makers too. Till now we can expect about 3-4 episodes more from the first season and with each of them having a runtime of about 22 minutes, as it has been for the first 3 episodes.

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American Auto Season 1 Recap

With just three episodes in hand, we can tell that the story till now is how Payne motors had its previous CEO retired and now a new CEO is assigned but she knows nothing about this industry, Katherine comes from the pharmaceutical industry, and she is in a complete mess throughout the first season, we also see jack who finds out that the car can’t properly recognize a dark-skinned person and thinks it to be somewhat racist and brings changes into the model. By the end of the third episode, we see a serial killer has drawn away in a car from Payne motors and that creates unwanted attention for the company, but it turns out to be good for the company’s sake.

We also find how Katherine makes a huge mistake by announcing a car at only 10000 dollars when it was already listed for dollar 12500 and it turns out to be a great loss for the company. In the following episodes, we can expect to see more clumsy events by the new CEO and what happens to the pricing error mistake.

American Auto Season 2 Plot

Though we haven’t got any confirm news regarding the second season of the series, we can expect the second season to be filled with events that are filled with chaos in the Payne motors, we can also expect Katherine to slowly learn about the industries and surely, we aren’t going to miss up on Jack. He is one of the funniest ones in the series and obviously, the second season will be made funnier and full of drama as the makers will try to increase their ratings. Till then we will just need to wait for the first season to end and enjoy it.

American Auto Season 2 Trailer

American Auto Season 2 Release Date

We haven’t heard anything about the second season so we obviously do not have a trailer till now but if it is decided to be renewed, we can expect a trailer by mid-2022. Till then we should surely keep an eye on the NBC channel and enjoy the remaining episodes of the first season. The trailer for the first season is available on YouTube.

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