Is Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Release Date Coming?

Once again, it’s time for some amazing but comedy one series. If you are planning to watch some family drama, then this series will be according to your taste. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, is its name, is an American comedy television series. It is written and created by Jamie Foxx and Jim Patterson with Bentley Kyle Evans and Ken Whittingham, who directed the series. Presently, the series has just one season with 8 episodes. It got released under A Grandma’s Hands Production company.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Release Date

The first question which arises in our mind is, When Did The Release Take Place? Let’s know the release date of the series. Season 1 of the series got premiered on Netflix on April 14, 2021. It got 4 ratings on IMDb, 25 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and was liked by approximately 74 % of people. The average duration of each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes. When will its next season come? With such a low rating and reviews, the makers had announced in June 2021, that the series would not come with its next season. The expectation just dropped with such a low score. If you are eagerly and somehow waiting for the next season, so just be there and stop, because, the next season is canceled.

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Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 1 Story

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Release Date

Now, let’s come to the plot of the series, which is just awful. Brian Dixon, shown as the single father of a teenaged daughter Sasha and a businessman of a cosmetic company is just a loving and caring man. Sasha moved with him to Atlanta after her mother’s death. He, at one place, is trying to manage all the things simultaneously and befriending his daughter too, Sasha, on the other hand, is also trying to care for her father by managing all things too. Brian’s sister Chelsea and his father Pop are the coolest, who help him to cope up with every situation. We see how the team of a father and a daughter manage their all things with stabilizing their relationship too.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Cast

Jamie Foxx in the character of Brian Dixon is the single father of Sasha and the businessman, who is based in Atlanta. He is the owner of the BAY Cosmetics, which was earlier managed by his owner. Kyla – Drew, who is seen in the character of Sasha Dixon is the teenaged daughter of Brian, who recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta after the death of her mother. Porscha Coleman as Chelsea Dixon is Brian’s sister and Pops’ daughter.

Jonathan Kite as Johnny Williams is Brian’s best friend who is also a police officer in Atlanta. Heather Hemmens as Stacy Collins is Brian’s colleague at the BAY Cosmetics. David Alan Grier, seen in the character of Pops Dixon is the father of Brian. Valente Rodriguez in the character of Manny and finally Miracle Reigns as Zia Williams is Sasha’s best friend and Johnny’s daughter.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Trailer

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me Season 2 Release Date

Obviously, if the next season is canceled, then there will no trailer too. But, if you haven’t watched season 1, you can make up your plans by watching the trailer of season 1.

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