Is Marlon Season 3 Release Date Coming? Know Here!

Who doesn’t want and love watching comedy, be it any movie, drama, or Series? Marlon is also one such series on the watching list. Marlon is an American program of the genre sitcom. It is created by Christopher Moynihan and Marlon Wayans. The series got released under the production companies of Bicycle Path Productions, Baby Way Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Universal Television.

Marlon Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from August 16, 2017, to July 12, 2018, with its season 2 which aired from June 14, 2018, to July 12, 2018. It got 7 ratings on IMDb, 50 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and was liked by approximately 90 % of people. The series got released in the United States with a total of 2 seasons which comprises 12 episodes. The average run time of each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes.

It would be bad news for the fans of the series, as the makers have announced that there will be no upcoming season. After watching the ratings and reviews, which got lowered as compared to the first one, the makers decided not to launch its season 3, meaning that season 2 was the last season of the series.

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Marlon Season 2 Story

Marlon Season 3 Release Date

The plot of the series revolves around Marlon, a divorced father of two children. Although, he is a man of older age with his own kids, yet he acts childish and makes the surrounding environment enjoyable. On the other hand, his wife Ashley is very responsible and understandable. The story revolves around how Marlon takes care of the kids alone, managing all other things. Once he became an overprotective father by advising Marley she should stay away from Eugene, because he could use her by breaking her heart in the last.

They both sometimes get emotional, overthinking their relationship. Marlon teaches the kids, what life is and how important is money, after seeing his kids spending too much on silly things. In the end, we see Marlon host a funeral party and urge the guests to say nice things when he is alive, but Yvette and Stevie spoiler everything and make the moment humorous.

Marlon Season 3 Cast

Marlon Wayans in the character of Marlon Wayne is the loving father of two. He is a divorced man and acts childish most of the time. He thinks it is the way of his presentation, as he wants everything to be great. Essence Atkins in the character of Ashley Wayne is the divorced wife of Marlon. She is the pacemaker of the house and keeps everything in the right place, yet she has not moved from her divorce. Bresha Webb in the character of Yvette Brown is Ashley’s best friend who often tries to find the right guy. She is a god-loving woman and has a very dark past.

Notlim Taylor in the character of Marley Wayne is the most responsible and quiet person in the family. She rarely gets into any trouble, as she is a quick thinker and a role model. Amir O’ Neil in the character of Zack Wayne is antagonistic to Marley. He is the silly and the problem creator. He never respects emotions or feelings. Diallo Riddle in the character of Stephandre “ Stevie ” Noggle is an annoying creature to Marlon. Stevie considers himself Marlon’s best friend, but he doesn’t, although Stevie is his only friend. Stevie has a crush on Yvette.

Marlon Season 3 Awards

Marlon Season 3 Release Date

The series is nominated twice in the same year 2018. It has won the Young Artist Awards under the two categories. The first category is the Best Performance In A TV Series for Supporting Young Actor and the second one is the Best Performance In A TV Series for Supporting Teen Actress. It can win many more awards if the series will have its next season.

Marlon Season 3 Trailer

As the makers have no plans for the next season, it is also clear that the trailer will not be there. But, you can still watch the previous season’s two.

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