What Is The True Story Behind 127 Hours? Read To Know!

The movie 127 hours was produced in 2010 and is a biographical drama based on the true survival story of canyoner Aron Ralston who gets stuck under a rock while he is going through the isolated blue john canyon. The story’s title is suggestive of those 127 hours that he was isolated struggling to stay alive with a crushed arm and on minimal food and water and how he saves himself from the verge of death and is then rescued by a family who has come for hiking.

The movie is directed by Danny Boyle, and is based on the autobiographical book that was written by Aron himself and was named Between A Rock And A Hard Place, now as the question arises, whether the movie is completely true? yes, the movie is completely based on a true-life story and, did the movie do justice to the actual story? Now that’s a tough thing to say, though the character of Aron was played beautifully by James Franco and every scene was so lifelike that it was worth appreciation, and it also ended up being nominated for many prestigious awards, the pain that Aron felt during the whole struggle can never be understood by the audience through a film, but truly a movie worth a watch.

True Story Behind 127 Hours

True Story Behind 127 Hours

The real story behind Aron Ralston starts when he goes hiking without informing anyone, where he is going or for how many days, in 2002 only he had left his job as an engineer to follow his passion and now he is on this trip which will end up being a turning point for his life, he goes on his way after befriending his two-hiker friend and showing them an underground pool. Aron continues his hike through a slot canyon, one from the blue john canyon, and while on his way, a rock which he was using to climb falls loose and both of them end up falling and ends up trapping Aron hand into the wall, he struggles under the rock with only two burritos a bottle of water, a cam recorder, and his music.

Soon as he realizes he won’t be able to move the rock he starts recording himself and slowly consuming his food and water and managing to survive 6 days under that rock, he became so desperate for life and even ended up drinking his own urine to survive, soon in such desperate situation Aron starts hallucinating about his family, relationship, how he may escape, things were going really bad for him when he realizes he shouldn’t have left without telling anyone about him and on the 6th day he saw a vision of his future son and getting more desperate and triggering his survival instinct, he takes whatever medical precaution he could take and slowly breaks the bones in his arms and amputates his arm, soon he ends up escaping the dreaded land and getting help from a nearby hikers family and gets saved.

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127 Hours Release Date

The release date of the movie 127 hours is 5th November 2010 and the real incident occurred in the year 2003, after returning back, Aron also wrote a book about his struggle and how he survived and that was published in the year 2004, most of the incidents and depiction in the film is following the events in the book. The movie has a total runtime of 1 hour 35 minutes and is easily available on Netflix, though another key factor that needs to be highlighted before a recommendation is that the movie is R rated because of some disturbing language and content and bloody images which may not be suitable for all audiences.

127 Hours Cast

True Story Behind 127 Hours

We see James Franco playing the role of Aron Ralston in the movie along with Clemence Poesy as Rana, Aron’s girlfriend, Kate Mara, and Amber Tamblyn as the other two hikers, whom we see at the start of the movie.

127 Hours Trailer

If you have read it till now, you must have been filled with excitement to know more about the story of Aron Ralston and for that either you will have to read his book or watch the movie, both of which will end up being a great experience for you. For a quick glimpse of the movie right now, you can check out the trailer right now which is available on YouTube.

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