The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Release Date: Announced or Cancelled?

The Hook Up Plan is a French web and television series which was premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2018. Hook up Plan is the second French series on Netflix after Marseille.

The Hook Up Plan is directed and created by Noemie Saglio and Renaud Bartrand.

Chris Lang, Noemie Saglio, Julien Teisseire & Scott Weinger are the writers of this series.

The Hook Up Plan is a Comedy-Drama series with 3 seasons and 21 episodes in total as of now. This show is premiered on 7th December 2018 and renewed for the second season, and released on Netflix on October 11, 2019.

The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Release Date

The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Release Date

The third season of The Hook Up Plans has already streaming on Netflix, it was premiered on 1st January 2022 with a total of 8 episodes and 25-30 minutes of runtime on each episode.

Now moving back to season four, the fourth season of The Hook-Up plans has been canceled. In December 2020, Netflix announced that The Hook-up Plans will end with only 3 seasons.

However, Netflix didn’t reveal the reason behind the cancelation of the series, but we assume that the creator of this series might think not to stretch the story unnecessarily.

At the end of the third season of the show, Elsa finally sets her family up with Julio and her son. Together with Emilie, she reminisces about meeting Julio for the first time, as well as what happened afterward. After fulfilling reminiscence, Elsa walks into an engaging universe of motherhood, so after this arc, Season 4 of ‘The Hook Up Plans’ might not be possible.

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The Hook Up Plan Story

A year after their breakup, Elsa is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend even though she’s nearing her 30th birthday and is stuck in an unfulfilling job. In hopes of helping her, some of her friends decide to hire a male escort so she can go on a few dates.

There will be all the usual tropes found in this story such as uncomfortable truths, betrayal, and the hook at the end that will require Elsa to choose who she wants from a seemingly endless list of options.

Considering the hook of the series, those expecting a resolution may be a bit disappointed by the final episode.

This show has a definite Bridget Jones feel to it as well. Elsa’s hopeless attempts at love and her social grace make her easy to empathize with. It’s the main reason the show works so well.

The Hook Up Plan Recap

The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Release Date

Elsa and Max have been apart for almost 25 months now, and he has since moved on, yet she longs for him. This worrier her co-workers Chantal and Charlotte as well as her best friend Emilie and Charlotte.

Although Emilie was raised in a conservative environment, so conservative that sometimes Charlotte calls them Emilie’s Nazi parents, she isn’t like them. She is pregnant without a ring on her finger.

Nevertheless, we learn over time that those character types that may fit teens or those in their early 20s don’t apply to this show. In fact, Elsa might be the youngest among the character.

Afterward, she begins living with Antoine, a man of Arabian descent. This isn’t made into a huge deal because we don’t meet Antoine’s parents or Emilie’s, but it shows how she doesn’t live up to expectations. Even Charlotte, who may seem like the kind of liberal with her sexual proclivities, is only with one man throughout the entire season one. Mind you, she clearly does not have anything against sex workers and finds them useful when it comes to Elsa.

The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Cast

In the main lead Zita Hanrot as Elsa “El” Payette, Bestfriend of Charlotte and Emili. In supporting cast Sabrina Ouazani as Charlotte “Cha” Ben Smires and sister of Antoine. Josephine Drai as Emilie “Milou” Chestnut, companion of Antoine, Marc Ruchmann as Julio “Jules” Dupont Saldanha. The other characters are the gigolo, Syrus Shahidi as Antoine Ben Smires, a friend of Matthieu and Maxime, Tom Dingler as Matthieu, a friend of Antoine, Guillaume Labbe as Maxime “Max” Pauillac, Yvan Naubron as Roman, Julio’s best friend, and Ludivine de Chastenet as Chantal, colleague, and friend of Elsa.

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