Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date Has Not Arrived Yet!

There is no denying the statement when we say Korean dramas overpower other Western or Asian dramas. Regardless of the language obstruction, there is a gigantic shift in fan stream from western culture to Korean culture, and partial credit goes to either K-pop or K-Dramas. As for myself, a big fan of both these two things for the past two years, I can go on and on about what makes Korean dramas so popular and what’s special about them. well, if you are new to this, let me briefly go through the obvious reasons behind that. They show a sensible and unique storyline, catchy and soothing OSTs, not-so-long no. of episodes, and jaw-dropping casts, and they also teach you some values and many other things. To sum up, K-drama has a whole new world where if you once in, it’s that much addicting that you’ll never want to escape. Don’t be worried we are not here to discuss the popularity of K-drama but to talk about one much-awaited and anticipated South Korean drama, “Hotel Del Luna,” which is a dark fantasy and rom-com television series. Ever since it ended, the fans (including me) have been going crazy and waiting to hear some updates and the release date of Hotel Del Luna Season 2. Here we have got covered everything about the second season that will definitely answer your questions too. Go on and read to find out.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Hotel Del Luna aired on tvN from July 13, 2019, to September 1, 2019, entailing 16 episodes that lasted up to 73–94 minutes of duration. Upon airing, it was the most seen tvN show of 2019, making it one of the greatest appraised Korean dramatizations in digital TV history. It also won many awards and accolades in various categories, including Best OST and Lifetime Achievement Award. In the review aggregator site like IMDb, it got a prominent rating of 8.2 out of 10 based on 5,188 user votes. Additionally, the drama will be adapted to produce an American remake.

Usually, Korean dramas don’t necessarily follow up with sequels. So, the chances for Hotel Del Luna season 2 are meager. However, in the climax of the drama, we see a new Hotel Blue Moon along with Hallyu actor Kim Soo-Hyun appearing as the hotel’s manager in the cameo role. Moreover, the writer of this drama, Hong Sisters, revealed in an interview that they wouldn’t be likely to come with season 2 of Hotel Del Luna, but it will positively return with some changes and roll out an improvement by bringing a male owner for the hotel this time, and that will be Kim Soo-Hyun which we have gotten a glance already at the end of the drama.

In conclusion, Hotel Del Luna will return but with a different name, with different actors, and with a whole different plot entitled “Hotel Blue Moon.”

Name Of The ShowHotel Del Luna
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Comedy, Romantic
Hotel Del Luna Season 1 Release Date13 July 2019
Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Will There Ever Be Hotel Del Luna Season 2?

Hotel Del Luna has not been confirmed for a second installment yet. You might be wondering about the main reasons why the show has not been renewed for a second season yet. Well, the first thing would be The popularity of the show. The show received an average number of viewers, it though wasn’t a hit but received a decent amount of love. So, from this perspective, the show could have been renewed by now.

Secondly, the show also opened the doors for the second season, and from this perspective too, the show could have been renewed by now. Though the cancellation has not been made, no release date has been confirmed by the makers too.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Created by Studio Dragon, Directed by Oh Choong-hwan, the drama shows two main protagonists, Jang Man-wol played by Lee Ji-Eun (IU), and Gu Chan-sung, played by Yeo Jin-goo.

Jang Man-wol has been the moody owner of Hotel del Luna for 1,300 years. She is sentenced to be the landlady of the hotel to offer penance for killing several people. Alternating between being cold/detached and pugnacious, she is known for her love for luxurious and elaborate outfits. Her fates start changing when she meets Gu Chan-sung.

Gu Chan-sung is the new general manager of Hotel del Luna. He is a Harvard MBA graduate recruited as an associate director at one of Korea’s top lodgings. Chan-sung is compelled to be the general manager for Jang Man-wol’s Hotel del Luna because of an agreement his father formed with Man-wol 21 years earlier.  

The list of supporting cast members and the actors who made their special appearances is quite wide and long. To mention a few, it includes some well-known actors like Shin Jung-Geun as Kim Seon-bi, Bae Hae-sun as Choi Seo-hee, Pyo Ji-hoon as Ji Hyun-Joong, and Kang Mi-na as Kim Yoo-Na. These are the staff at the Hotel Del Luna. As for the special guest appearances, we have seen Oh Ji-ho as Chan-sung’s father, Lee Chae-Kyung as hotel CEO, Nam Kyoung-eub as Chairman Wang, and Lee Joon-gi as a priest, along with many others.  

As regards season 2, which will be called Hotel Blue Moon, will star Kim Soo-Hyun as the main lead and the owner. As for the rest of the roles, we don’t have any information yet, as no official statement has been heard as of now. stay tuned to us to get updated about it.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Story

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Hotel Del Luna is an unusual guest house that isn’t apparent to ordinary people; it is an inn for spirits and ghosts who have an incomplete business. They come and make their desire work out, and give to the hereafter. The owner of the hotel is Jang Man-Wol. Her spirit is in a tree without enthusiasm because of her colossal disdain on the planet. Every worker in the hotel is also spirit except only the general manager of the hotel.

As the last manager, Gu Chan Sung appears, who changes the destiny of Man-Wol and, in the end, falls for her. He becomes more acquainted with all her secrets and mysteries of her; his responsibility is to send a long-time first visitor of the hotel and Man-Wol to the afterlife with no disdain.

Finally, it closes with an ambivalent snapshot of Man-Wol and Chan sung; he sends all the visitors and her to life following death. In any case, to end with a cheerful note, the two finally meet in another life.

Hotel Del Luna Trailer

Check out the existing trailer of the drama if you haven’t.

Where To Watch Hotel Del Luna Online?

The series is available on Netflix, Viki, We Tv, and many other streaming platforms with English subtitles. 

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