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If you enjoy watching police procedural drama series that contains some thriller and suspense both, then Criminal UK Season 3 might be one of the most anticipated series which you were long waiting for. It is a part of Netflix’s anthology series. Those who aren’t aware, Criminal which set in four countries and shot in four different local languages which are Criminal: France, Criminal: Spain, Criminal: Germany, and the last one which we are here for i.e., Criminal: UK. Both seasons of the Criminal UK received praise from the audiences and therefore they are looking forward to seeing more episodes of the series. In this post, you will get to know every little detail and the latest update of the Criminal UK season 3. So, keep on reading.

Criminal UK Season 3 Release Date

Criminal UK Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the series came out on Netflix on September 20, 2019, with three episodes whereas the second season was released last year on September 16, 2020, with four episodes. Each episode has a running time of 41–48 minutes. Both previous seasons received pretty good responses and reviews on the review aggregator. For season 1 Rotten Tomatoes collected 39 reviews, identified 85% of them as positive, and tracked down a rating of 7.32/10. For season 2, Rotten Tomatoes collected 6 reviews, distinguished 100% as positive, and tracked down a rating of 7.5 out of 10. The second season even received two nominations at the 2021 British Academy Television Awards.

When it comes to renewing the series for the third season, Netflix is hasn’t yet officially announced the release date but we can expect it to release in late September 2021 by looking at the release date of the previous two seasons. Both the seasons came out in September with a gap of one year. Also considering how COVID Pandemic is affecting all the productions right now but there shouldn’t be much problem for this series to begin production work in this situation after all the cast isn’t that long and there are not many set locations also. Though, these are all our full assumptions. We still have to wait some time to see the official news from Netflix itself.

Will There Ever Be Criminal UK Season 3?

Though, the show has not yet been renewed for third season, it doesn’t means the show has been cancelled by streaming giant, Netflix. The most important thing to keep in mind is the increasing number of covid cases. And this could definitely affect the shooting schedule of the show, which means the third season might get delayed in renewing. So, the show might get delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

If the show gets renewed, it will release on Netflix. If you are wondering how we are so sure that it will release on Netflix? Because the first two seasons originally released on Netflix, and the destiny for season 3 is also in Netflix’s hand.

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Criminal UK Season 3 Cast

Criminal UK Season 3 Cast and Crew

Directed by Jim Field Smith, written by George Kay, and created by George Kay along with Jim Field Smith.  The series stars Katherine Kelly as Detective Chief Inspector Natalie Hobbs, Lee Ingleby as Detective Inspector Tony Myerscough, Mark Stanley as Detective Constable Hugo Duffy, Rochenda Sandall as Detective Constable Vanessa Warren, and Shubham Saraf as Detective Constable Kyle Petit. Different actors played the role of Accused, Police, and Solicitors in the first and second seasons.

As far as concerned about who will play the role of whom if season 3 happens. Netflix is yet to release the statement regarding the cast members, but there is a high chance that main characters like detectives and Inspectors will most likely reprise their roles in the third season as well. Likewise, the roles of accused, police, and solicitors kept playing by different actors, in the third season also it will be playing by some other new entertainers and actors which is not affirmed yet.

Criminal UK Season 3 Story

Criminal UK Season 3 Synopsis

The show is set inside the confines of a police cross-examination room where London agents take part in serious rounds of mental cat and mouse with their suspects to discover the appropriate responses that they need to tackle their cases. Each episode is self-reliant and independent of each other, presenting the police team and one suspect and solicitor. 

We witnessed many tragic and heart-rending cases in the previous seasons and we can expect to see the infamous cases and their investigation happening in the United Kingdom in the third season also. Whichever stories the third season will fold, it will surely not be disappointing as the creators well know what to show the audience which will satisfy our craving successfully. 

Criminal UK Season 3: No. of Episodes

Season 1 contains three episodes, Ep 1 entitled Edgar, Ep 2 entitled Stacey, and last Ep 3 entitled Jay. On the other hand, season 2 contains four episodes, Ep 1 titled Julia, Ep 2 titled Alex, Ep 3 titled Danielle, and lastly, Ep 4 titled Sandeep.

Though Netflix or makers haven’t revealed any news or official statement regarding how many episodes we will get in the third season we can assume that season 3 will either get three to four episodes minimum by looking at the previous numbers of episodes.

It is advisable that if you haven’t streamed the first two seasons of Criminal UK then what are you waiting for, it has a bit-sized episode and won’t take much time. So, open Netflix and start watching right away.

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