Is 1883 Based On A True Story?

The 1883 television series which aired on 19th December 2021, and is a prequel from the original storyline of Yellowstone, is all about Dutton’s first appearance in Montana and how the Dutton ranch came into existence. The new series will follow how the Dutton’s will travel across the great plains while they are headed to Montana, the show is filled with exclusive action scenes and events that will awestruck our audiences, but one of the most unique questions that has come to the hearts of our audiences based on the fact that the American history during this period has much significance and some of the characters having real-life existence is whether the Yellowstone prequel 1883 is based on a real-life story?

Though the answer to this is a bit disappointing for our readers which is no, it is not based on a real-life story but many of the characters have a real-life existence, though the complete character isn’t the same they share the same personality and this also helped the makers of the series to make it more realistic for the viewers and intrigue them to watch more with each event passing.

1883 Release Date

Is 1883 Based On A True Story?

We are sure that the series will have a total of  10 episodes by now, we have already seen 3 episodes drop in December itself, the 4th episode is scheduled to drop on 2nd January 2022 on Paramount+, surely a great way to start the new year and the 5th episode is to drop by 9th January, the 6th and the 7th ones are scheduled to be premiered in late January, the episodes are supposed to have nearly a 1 hour long run time, which is more than enough to quench the thirst of the viewers, with the drop of the first three episodes the viewers have already got the taste of the extravagant content they are going to get by the end of the series and the excitement in the audience tells us how much the following episodes will be loved by them.

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1883 And History

The setting of the series dates back to the 1800s and it is all set to take the viewers almost 125 years back in time. based on the synopsis the series follows “the Dutton family as they travel west through the Great Plains. In the direction of last uncultivated America. It’s a blatant reimagining of Western expansion, as well as an in-depth examination of one family. Attempting to flee poverty to obtain a better fate in America’s pledged land — Montana”. The era being such an important era into the history of America much can be expected from the series, though as we already know Yellowstone is completely a fictional series, its prequel is fiction too some of the events in the show are inspired by real events from history and some of the characters to share the same name and personality with characters from history.

The setting of the series in late 1800 benefits the storyline in such a way that in that era there was already rattling chaos going on in the western lands of America because of a treaty between the United States and France and thus the number of outlaw activities in west increased which led to a rise in crimes and serves as the perfect backbone for the series to build its storyline on.

History And 1883 Characters

Some of the characters whose fictional version we can find in the series are Jim Courtright, a notorious gunman who belonged to the 1800s and in the series we see the same character being played by Billy Bob Thornton as a character who helps the protagonists to deal with some bad cowboys, we also find the character with a historic relationship and that is General George Meade whose character has been played by Tom Hanks who makes his debut in the second episode, the show depicts Meade’s contribution on the battlefield while it depicting a fictional retelling of the events to fit in the storyline of the show.

1883 Trailer

Is 1883 Based On A True Story?

The show is already in its third episode while fans are waiting for the fourth episode to drop on the 2nd of January and if you still haven’t started watching the show, you should really go and check out the trailer right now.

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