Is Suits A Sitcom And How? Everything Explained

Suits is a legal drama that aired for 9 seasons and came to an end in 2019, now the main question arises, whether suits is really a sitcom or not? a sitcom abbreviated version for situational comedy is a tv series that has a fixed set of characters who run the entire show and has an occasional comedic storyline, now if we are talking about suits as a sitcom, some of the features of the sitcom may apply for it in certain ways but some key feature also do not, as we know suits is a complete legal drama there are often very critical serious situation accompanied by crisis, it may be at some point difficult for the audience to find humor in certain episodes. A sitcom is basically a type of comedy and humor plays a big role whenever it comes to comedy, one of the key factors we can say. It may not be a sitcom completely but it may be considered a sitcom partly though.

Suits Season And Release Dates

Is Suits Really A Sitcom

The two-time “people choice award” winning tv series, “Suits” was aired for the first time on USA Network on June 23, 2011, and after airing 9 super dramatic and admired seasons, it came to an end on September 25, 2019. with a grand final episode and leaving all the viewers happy, the show bidding us farewell with a total of 134 episodes over 9 seasons. Another key factor that needs to be highlighted is that most of the episodes had nearly 42 minutes of runtime.

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Characteristics Common And Uncommon Between A Sitcom And Suits

If we are talking about the storyline of a sitcom, sitcoms generally have a storyline in which we see new events being faced by the lead characters in every episode or maybe it can take 2-3 episodes to finish the event and we find that feature quite commonly in suits as most of the cases are regarding new cases as the whole story setting is in a law firm in New York, another important factor is the character set in a sitcom, the characters remain constant for almost all the episodes, the story revolves all-around their lives and there are the certain introduction of new characters but the main characters don’t change, but if we are talking about the character set in suits we may see Harvey and Donna throughout the series but there are other characters such as Michael and Rachel who leave after season 6 or 7, now it depends on whether we treat mike as one of the lead characters after he played such a huge role in the first seasons.

We also should remember sitcom is a part of the comedy genre only just that it is occasional though if we r looking after comedy present in suits, we will see great use of witty comments and a tricky way of using humor, we can’t say that the entire storyline has much of occasional comedy scenes. Lastly coming to one of the most important features of sitcoms is the use of laugh tracks, as we often see the use of laugh track in series such as “big bang theory” or “friends”, we never see its usage in suits throughout all its 9 seasons, thus it is not completely right to refer to Suits as a situational comedy.

Is Suits A Sitcom?

Is Suits Really A Sitcom

Suits is a legal drama about the best closer in New York, who works in one of the most well known legal firms in New York, while he had to go in search of an associate, he ends up hiring mike ross, who isn’t even a lawyer himself but he is a genius and Harvey decides to mentor him, the story mostly revolves around them but soon mike is busted and he leaves the show along with another crucial character his wife Rachel, we also see how Harvey’s mental state and how he copes up in life with others help and soon he leaves the main firm and goes to work in a legal clinic.

Suits Trailer

After 9 seasons of Suits being an absolute favorite of viewers, completely packed with legal drama and a small touch of humor, the tv series has come to an end and we don’t expect any of its renewal anymore, still a great show to watch, and all seasons are available on Netflix.