Are We Going To Get Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date?

Runway de Waratte has been a great success in its first season, it has already attracted a lot of viewers who are waiting impatiently for season 2, the anime was released by Ezo’la animation and is based on a manga series written by Kotaba Inoya which shared the same title as the series, the manga series altogether has twenty-two volumes and the anime’s season one comprises of only 12 episodes, though we haven’t heard any definite news from the makers of the anime about season 2, we can ensure that there won’t be any shortfall of content to animate, we can easily expect the second season to drop soon. Though Ezo’la animations haven’t produced a lot of animes till now and none of them has a second season but we must also see what a huge fanbase this anime has got with just the first season and can hope the makers consider that.

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date

Smile down the runway or Runway de Warrate as we may call it has only released season 1 which comprises 12 well written and beautifully animated episodes, the animes release was on 10th January 2020 and it streamed till march 28 of the same year, though no information has been received about its renewal for season 2 from the maker’s side, seeing the anticipation of the fans it can be stated that the makers would also like to release the second season in 2023.

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Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Story

Smile down the runway is a beautiful anime that belongs to the drama and a piece of life genre, if we consider the past events that have taken place in the anime and the place where season one ended we can state that season two will be a continuation of the two main lead characters Chiyuki Fujita and Ikuto Tsumura’s struggle towards achieving their dreams and how they will end up working hard for there dreams together, we will see what problems they will face in life, how each of them supports each other in moments of crisis and we can also expect a romantic relationship to grow between the two main characters, whatever the content may be, it can be stated easily by anyone that the season 2 will be filled with twists and turns and will never let any one of the viewers to turn off the show while being watched.

Smile Down The Runway Season 1 Recap

Runway de Waratte being a slice of life anime is completely based on the fashion realm, we see high standard animation along with a great storyline, the story revolves around two main characters chifuyuki fufito and Ikuto tsumaru, they both have their dreams and many hurdles lie between them and their dream, we see Chiyuki being the daughter of the owner of a modeling agency, though blessed with good looks, she is just 158cm tall and that stands as a big hurdle between her and her dream to represent her father’s company is the renowned Paris fashion week. On the other hand, we see Ikuto having a dream to become a fashion designer though his financial conditions don’t support him.

We soon see an opportunity rises for Ikuto as Hazime Yanagida notices his skill and offers him a part-time job, Chiyuki’s father also asks Yukito to be her partner, as they both are classmates and he wants Chiyuku to follow her dreams. We also see the introduction of Kokoro Hasegawa, a shy but famous model whose partner is a prodigy fashion designer Toh Ayano, Toh treats ikuto as his rival, people often used to laugh at Chiyuki’s dreams but along with Ikuto, they are all set to work hard and achieve them.

Smile Down The Runway Characters

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date

We continuously see the main two leads, Chiyuku Fujita and Ikuto Tsumura throughout the entire series, along with that we also get to see the introduction of Kokoro Hasegawa and Toh Ayano, with a certain appearance of Hazime Yanagida and Chiyuku’s father, we see many other side characters, every character is different in its own way and contributing profoundly to the storyline. We can expect all of the above-mentioned characters to be a part of season 2.

Smile Down The Runway Season 1 Trailer

After such a great debut season and a huge fan base continuously craving for season 2, we just can’t do anything but wait and if u still haven’t seen the first season, go check out the trailer right now.

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