Is A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date Finalized? Know Here!

A Very British Scandal is a British comedy anthology television series. The series is based on the 2016 book of John Preston of the same name. Season 1 of the drama is written by Rusell T Davies with Sarah Phelps, who wrote season 2. Stephen Frears directed season 1 with Anne Sewitsky, the director of season 2. The series got released under Blueprint Pictures.

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 ran from May 8, 2018, to June 3, 2018, with season 2, which premiered on December 26, 2021, and just ended on December 28, 2021. The series got 8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb, 97 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and was liked by approximately 88 % of Google users. Each episode has a runtime of around 50 to 55 minutes.

As season 2 of the series has finished now, fans are waiting for its third installment. As there is no news about the whereabouts of season 3, it is advisable to wait for some time. Let the makers decide and announce season 3.

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A Very British Scandal Season 1 Story

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series depicts the relationship of Jeremy Thorpe, a member of the parliament, and Norman Josiffe, with whom he met when Norman was 21 years old. Their relationship went on for several years but, Norman became unstable after losing his National Insurance Card and was also not able to be in his job. After getting bored with him, Thorpe insisted he to leave the house, but the latter give threats to him. As Thorpe had a fear of being getting exposed, his fellow liberal MP starts giving money to Norman to keep his mouth shut. He also asked for a new Insurance Card but was denied.

After three or four years, we saw that Thorpe has won the elections and is now the youngest leader of the century, and now married Caroline AllPass, with whom he has a baby boy. On the other hand, we see Norman, who is going more unstable now, and start taking drugs and alcohol. He meets with Caroline and tells her about his relationship with her husband. She died after some years and Thorpe married someone else. Getting rid of him, Thorpe decides to kill Norman, for which he hired a man. He, by mistake, kills his dog, and Norman filed a police case of the murder of his dog. The court case starts, and it was found that Thorpe was the real culprit. Some years later, Thorpe also died, and the Norman is still alive with 11 dogs and no insurance card.

On the other hand, season 2 of the drama depicts the story of a highly publicized 1963 divorce case of Margaret Campbell, who is the duchess of Argyll, and Ian Campbell, who is the 11th Duke of Argyll.

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Cast

A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date

As there are two seasons of the drama, each season has a different cast. Let’s first talk about the cast of season 1. Hugh Grant is seen in the character of Jeremy Thorpe, Ben Whishaw as Norman Josiffe / Norman Scott, Alex Jennings is seen in the character of Peter Bessell, Patricia Hodge as Ursula Thorpe with Monica Dolan who is seen in the character of Marion Thorpe.

Let’s now talk about the cast of season 2. Claire Foy is seen as Margaret Campbell who is the duchess of Argyll and Paul Bettany as Ian Campbell who is the 11th Duke of Argyll. Julia Davis is seen as Maureen Guinness, Richard McCabe as George Whigham with Sophia Myles who is seen as Louise Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll.

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