Borgen Season 4 Release Date Is Confirmed!

We are expecting the return of the Danish political drama after nearly eight years for its fourth season, the storyline depicts the convoluted lives of politicians and media reporters, the storyline is completely based on one of the lead characters Birgitte Nyborg who is facing her first election as a party leader, soon we get to know of her as the first Danish female prime minister, the storyline is completely moving over the webbed relation between Birgitte her spin doctor Kasper Jull and an idealistic television journalist Katrine Fonsmark, soon we see towards the ending of season 3, that with the nearing of the elections after two years of holding power, the Democrats end up acquiring 13 seats, and Birgitte with her principled thinking decided to step down and roam around the world as the Lars Hesselboe’s (new prime minister) foreign minister. But as we approach season 4 of Borgen we see the return of Birgitte back into mainstream politics.

Borgen Season 4 Release Date

Borgen Season 4 Release Date

With the last airing nearly 8 years back in the year of 2013 we saw an end to Borgen season 3, the series started airing in 2010 with every season having 10 episodes each, we may expect the 4th season to also have 10 episodes and follow the set pattern, the fourth season is set to be premiered in 2022 and the final date is 2 June 2022.

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Borgen Season 4 Story

For the latest season of Borgen, viewers can expect Nyborg playing her role as the foreign minister as it was shown at the end of season 3, we also can predict that this season will revolve around the return of Katrine Fonsmark who is returning to her journalism career as Birgitte’s head of press, Lead actress Sidse Babett Knudsen already mentioned that she has “sky-high expectation” from the renewal of the show.

The new plot will also see Birgittie’s attempt of making a comeback into politics because she still hasn’t lost her political ambition and for that, she needs to clear her name of the charges labeled against her. the New Democrats were already in a state of chaos during the end of season 3, thus someone will have to step up with taking up the charge, we should also keep an eye on whether Birgitte is able to manage work-life with her growing illness or not.

Borgen Season 3 Recap

Borgen Season 4 Release Date

from the starting of season 3, we see that Birgitte has left politics and is a well-known speaker in the business sector but soon Birgitte’s old friend Bent Sejro tries to convince her to enter politics and this causes her return, another highlight in the starting is the chaotic relationship between Katrine and Kasper where Kasper finds about Katrine’s affair and Kasper also loses his job, soon Brigitte decides to form a small part of her own who could be different from the moderates who lost their motives, it was a small party with Katrine Fonsmark as the spin doctor, chaos beholds Birgitte as it is not only scattered in her party offices but also in her home, where we see Jeremy is ill and Birgitte is also facing a problem with her hand, we also find two political cases regarding pigs and sex trade that play a major role, the democrats soon end up having enough votes to run for election, with this we come towards the end of the season where we see the deteriorating health of Birgitte, on the polling day we see the new democrats acquiring 13 seats compared to the 5 seats of the moderates and Birgittie not sacrificing her political integrity joins the right leaning coalition and heads towards Borgen as the new minister of foreign affairs.

Borgen Season 4 Cast

Netflix has already announced the cast for Borgen season 4, we can see the addition of some new members such as Mikkel Boe Folsgaard and Lucas Lynggaard, along with Ozlem Saglanmak, Simmone Bennenjerg, Johanne Louise Schmidt, we also see the return of most of the character from the original cast which includes the leading main two characters, Sidse Babett Knudsen as Birgitte Nyborg and Birgitte Hjort Sorensen as Katrine fonsmark.

Borgen Season 4 Trailer

So, if we still haven’t caught up with season 3 of Borgen, while we are in this anticipating wait for season 4, we can surely catch up with the trailer of season 3 by clicking on the link below

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