Is Gossip Girl Season 7 Release Date Having Any Chance?

Gossip Girl is an American drama based on the life of the Upper rich adults. Gossip girl is written by Cecily von Ziegesar & developed by Josh Schwartz in total this series has 121 Episodes and has 6 Seasons. These all seasons were released in different years and different times the very episode of season 1 was aired on 19th September 2007 and the last episode of last season was aired on 17th December 2012. The complete series has 7.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB’s official website. Many good and bad reviews are also posted on the same website.

Gossip Girl Season 7 Release Date  

Gossip Girl Season 7 Release Date

It is almost clear that there will no season 7 for Gossip Girl since there was a huge response and love from the public The producer decided to make a sequel from the earlier series and they released the first trailer and teaser for the same in late 2020 and planned to release it as soon as possible. But as COVID 19 cases started rising again all over the world there was a hold again in all over the world movement. But with all this pandemic going on the series aired on HBO MAX on 8th July 2021 with the new star cast and it has 12 episodes on the very first season.

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Gossip Girl Season 7 Story

Gossip Girl is the story of 6 teenage adults who goes to a high-end boarding school which is basically for all the rich class people & the school is located in the high-east area of Manhattan, New York. This story consists of the Love triangle, Revenge, and Friendship. This series is a mixture of revenge where some fight or their revenge in the episodes, sone fight for their true love and some of them were finding a way to adjust with all those people.  

One always needs a true and small group of people with whom they can sit, share, laugh and chill. When we are young, we always tend to look for the happiness and care outside our own homes. We tend to dislike our parents because there’s a generation gap between our parents so we tend to look out for people who understand our problems and stand with us. We go out for college, coaching, and jobs that’s where we try to look out for the group full of joy, happiness & laughter. When we are looking for that group we compare our group with series and plays with our life.

Gossip Girl Season 7 Cast

Gossip Girl Season 7 Release Date

Blake Ellender Lively known as Serena Woodsen is an American actress as well as advocate born on 25th August 1987 in LOS Angeles. Over and above this she is the daughter of Ernie Lively who is also an American actress/model. Blake made her professional debut in project Sandman (1998). But she gained her image in the public only after Gossip girl. She is now married to Ryan Reynolds and has 3 daughters.

Jeffrey Matthew Settle also known as Rufus Humphery is an American actor born on 17th September 1969 in Hickory, North Carolina. Settle made his blockbuster debut in Chicago: The Musical. He received several rewards and recognition for his acting in Gossip girl as Rufus and after that, he also started his career in movies, he also starred in Valentine the Dark Avenger. He also declared his married life in late 2007 and he got divorced in 2011 with his spouse Naama Nativ.

Gossip Girl Awards  

Gossip girl series earned various awards and have been nominated for most of the awards out of which some of the most famous are TEEN CHOICE Awards for almost each year series claimed the awards in any of the genres whether that is for TV Actor/Actress Drama or Tv Villian. the series 5th binge-watched web series on Subscription Video on Demand and was almost more than 3,13,866 times demanded by the public.  

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