Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date Is Here, Check!

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date
Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date

Doc Martin is a British television medical drama and comedy series which is created by Dominic Minghella. The series is written by Philippa Braithwaite with Nigel Cole, who directed the series. The series got released under Buffalo Pictures. The series is released in the United Kingdom with a total of 70 episodes, which is contained in 9 seasons. The series got a run time of around 50 – 95 minutes.

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date

Season 1 ran from September 2, 2004, to October 7, 2004, with 6 episodes, Season 2 ran from November 10, 2005, to January 5, 2006, with 8 episodes, Season 3 ran from September 24, 2007, to November 5, 2007, with 7 episodes, Season 4 ran from September 20, 2009, to November 8, 2009, Season 5 ran from September 12, 2011, to October 31, 2011, Season 6 ran from September 2, 2013, to October 21, 2013, Season 7 ran from September 7, 2015, to November 2, 2015, Season 8 ran from September 20, 2017, to November 8, 2017, with the Season 9 ran from September 25, 2019, to November 13, 2019. The series got a total of 8 episodes from season 4 to season 9. The series got a mixed review of ratings. It got 8.3 ratings on IMDb, 83 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and was liked by approximately 94 % of Google users.

After a long time, fans are waiting for season 10 to be – aired. Well, finally the news has come about the next season. It will be good news for the fans of the series. The makers have announced that the season 10 wil be the last season of the series and will come by 2022. Although, they have not announced the proper date of its release, but still, it’s a relaxation for the fans. So, let’s now wait for more updates.

Doc Martin Season 9 Story

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date
Doc Martin

The plot of the story revolves around Dr. Martin Ellingham, who is a vascular surgeon at Imperial College of London. He later on found with haemephobia a fear of blood, which forces him to stop practicing surgery. He then obtains the post of general practitioner in the village of Portwenn, where he had spent his childhood days with uncle Phill and aunt Joan. Upon arriving at the village, the villagers addressed him as Doc Martin. He, there too, found it risky and chaotic to do surgeries, forces him to hire a receptionist.

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If we talk about the behaviour and nature of doc Martin then he is not kind towards his patients and lacks social manners. The locals perceive him to be harsh, although he is a skilled surgeon. Doc Martin always wears a formal dress : a suit with a tie in every occasion and gatherings. He also never takes off his jacket. He is a straightforward person and thinks his behaviour to be professional, in spite of the fact that the villagers sometimes get offended by his behavior. The villages soon got to know that doc Martin has a fear of blood and the problem of nausea and vomiting. Due to his insensitive behaviour and nature, he is unable to tell his feelings and emotions to Louisa, but later on gifted with a child and they both married. We have also seen other characters too, having their own problems and grudges towards life.

Doc Martin Season 10 Cast

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date
Doc Martin

Martin Clines seen in the character of Dr Martin Ellingham is the doctor of village GP. He is, although straight forward, but lacks generosity and not kind towards his patients. He tries to diagnose them with proper care. Caroline Catz seen in the character of Louisa Glasson is the teacher at Portwenn Primary School, and later on becomes the school headmistress. Ian McNeice seen in the character of Bert Large is a plumber and a local businessman.

Joe Absolom seen in the caracter of Al Large is Bert’s son, who works in a variety of jobs in the entire series. Selina Cadell seen in the character of Mrs Sally Tishell is the pharmacist who shows unrequired romantic feelings for Mr. Ellingham. John Marquez seen in the character of PC Penhale is a police officer who thinks that he has a great and an admirable relationship with Mr. Ellingham. He referred him and Mr. Ellingham ” The Dynamic Duo “.

Eileen Atkins seen in the character of Ruth Ellingham is a retired forensic psychiatrist and one of the aunts of Martin. Jessica Ransom seen in the character of Morwenna Newcross is the surgery receptionist.

Doc Martin Season 10 Awards and Nominations

Doc Martin has won the British Comedy Award under the category of ” Best TV Comedy Drama ” and nominated for Best New TV Comedy in 2004. Martin Clunes has also won the ” Best TV Comedy Actor ” award for portraying his character of Doc Martin.

Doc Martin Season 10 Trailer

Well, the trailer is not available now, but here is an introductory video of season 10. Just have a look and have fun.

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