Is The Girl From Oslo Based On A True Story? Know The Answer Here!

The Girl from Oslo is a Norwegian Israeli thriller series created by Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz and directed by Uri Barbash and Stain Kristiansen. Netflix, TV2, and HOT are the co-producers of this series. A total of 10 episodes long with 30-35 min in each episode series got 5.6 on IMDb.

This series started with a lighter tone and there is a parent who is excited to celebrate their daughter’s birthday as there are balloons and cakes but suddenly this series takes a U-turn and becomes even darker and intense.

Is The Girl From Oslo Based On A True Story?

The Girl from Oslo is not completely fictional as some of the points are based on real incidents. Although the creators of this story Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz specifics this story is a work of fiction. But what is true in this is, well they show realistically depict the geopolitical backdrops in the Middle East.

The Oslo Peace process between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization was catalyzed by the UN. This is where Alex meets Arik and Layla in the story. The aim was to fulfill the rights of the Palestinian people. However, Oslo Accords did not resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict in part due to the failure of the 2000 Camp David Summit.

In the second Intifada, the Israeli military reclaimed much of the land designated for Palestinian control. The Oslo Accords continue to haunt the series as the past seeps into the present. However, the main event is different from the core story. As in 2013, reports show that media of Norway and Israel were abducted by ISIS.

Is The Girl From Oslo Based On A True Story
Pia Got Kidnapped

According to this report, ingvild Selvikask, a pediatrician was killed by Bedouin gunners as they traveled to the port city of Dahab. Although the militants requested the release of their tribesmen from Israeli prison, both hostages were released by their militant bosses.

So, much of this series’s political arguments come from real events make this series not entirely fictional though the story is completely fictional and made for entertainment purposes.

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The Girl From Oslo Story

 Alex and Karl are excited to surprise their daughter with her birthday, but when they reach they get to know that their daughter pia is away in Israel. Alex feels like it was his fault that she was gone as they both fought two weeks ago and he ruined their relationship.

On the other hand, pia is on the beach with her friends Nadav and Noa Solomon. She is enjoying the beach and having a good time, but we also see a man in binoculars keeping an eye on them, as a result on the way back the three of them got kidnapped by ISIS operatives.

In Norway, Alex is concerned that she didn’t hear any words from her, which raises the eye of suspicion, so he decided to go to Israel all by himself. When he reaches he met an old friend Arik, who is an Israeli Intelligence Minister.

She asked Arik to find out where Pia might have gone. Alex was a diplomat and worked under Arix during Oslo Accords in 1992. They went to Pia’s hotel to investigate but soon learned that pia had been kidnapped.

ISIS did it because they want to exchange those prisoners with 12 Palestinians being held by Israel, especially Abu Salim who is being held in Norway.

This message was shown by a video clip, both Alex and Arik watched that video, soon Alex calls her husband who was in Oslo to stay there and force The Government to release Abu Salim. On the other hand, Arik is still thinking to accept that exchange offer or not.

Then Norwegian Embassy told Alex that they just wanted to see what the Israeli Government will do.

The Girl From Oslo Cast

Is The Girl From Oslo Based On A True Story

Not many stars in the cast but still here are the cast of The Girl From Oslo.

In the lead role we can see Amos Tamam as Arik, Anneke Von Der Lippe as Alex and Raida Adon as Pia.

Is The Girl From Oslo Worth Watching?

Not going to say that this is not a good series but it’s highly predictable, as each episode are 30 minutes long so the story is at a fast pace so it will not keep you bored but I’ll suggest watching Fauda, it is an Israeli TV series with the same theme.

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