Will There Be Because This Is My First Life Season 2?

Because This Is My First Life is a humorous romantic drama that premiered on October 9, 2017. It had a total of 16 episodes on tvN that managed to keep the viewers completely engrossed. The storyline focuses on the lives of two individuals who unknowingly move in with each other! You read that right. Continue reading to develop a better understanding of the plot. When will Because This is My First Life Season 2 be available to viewers?

Because This Is my First Life Season 2 Release Date

Because This Is My First Life Season 2 release date

Because This is My First Life’s first season broadcasted quite a while time ago. Viewers of the series are now clamoring for a second season. According to rumors, the producers may not plan a second edition. One of the reasons could be that all of it worked perfectly for both characters. In addition, no such carryover feeling was seen close to the end of the 16th episode.

Nevertheless, the lead actress, Jung So Min, seemed overjoyed when she discussed the possibility of a Season 2. Not only her but most Because This is My First Life fans around the world want the show’s creators to make a season 2. There’s been no formal announcement regarding the affirmation or denial of a Because This is My First Life Season 2 release date. But, if it actually does happen at all, it will most likely be during the end of the year.


Because This Is My First Life Season 2 Story

Nam Se-hee portrayed by Lee Min-ki, an IT worker who is socially inept, signs a 2-year contract with destitute writer Yoon Ji-ho portrayed by Jung So-min. Both sides accept the terms and circumstances of simply being homeowner and renter. They intend to share the flat based on common ideals and priorities, with no feelings. Situations do not go as scheduled because the flatmates are victims of their own emotional loss, societal pressures, and familial interventions.

The sequence also focuses on the lives of Se-hee and Ji-friends, Ho’s as well as their differing views on love and relationships. Park Joon-hwa directed the series, which was written by Yoon Nan-joong.  The cast’s first script reading took place in August 2017 in Sangam-dong at Studio Dragon. Even though the producers didn’t reveal the premiere date of season two. It’s safe to assume that they will continue the previous storyline and give us more insight into their lives.

Because This Is My First Life Season 2 Cast

Because This Is My First Life Season 2 release date

The main cast includes Lee Min-ki as Nam Se-hee who is a strange and indifferent computer designer who recently purchased an accommodation and is in the process of paying off his loan. He prefers to spend his weeks with his cat rather than date. He rents out the additional bedroom in his house to pay off his loan quicker. He needs to get a new tenant because the former occupant violated a few rental terms & conditions. He misheard Ji-ho for a man and gave him the top rating among former occupants.

Jung So-min is Yoon Ji-ho who is the tenant that rents the room. When her brother’s fiance becomes pregnant, she chooses to leave her job as an assistant screenwriter. She took the available room Se-hee was renting because it didn’t involve an installment, despite the fact that she was presently broke. She originally mistook Se-hee for a girl. She is increasingly under attack to please her friends and family members whilst also pursuing her vision of becoming a talented writer.

Other supporting characters include Kim Min-seok as Sim Won-seok, Moon Hee-kyung as Jo Myung-ji, Kim Ga-eun as Yang Ho-rang. Jeon Hye-won as Lee Eun-so, Noh Jong-hyun as Yoon Ji-suk and Park Byung-eun as Ma Sang-goo. Special guest appearances include Yoon Doo-Joon (make an appearance in Episode 1), Yoon So-hee (makes an appearance in Episode 1), and Kim Wook.