Under The Vines Season 2 Release Date And Updates

A Rebecca Gibney starer TV mini-series is a story about two city slickers who have a failed vineyard in the countryside of New Zealand. They are facing too many problems in this as neither of them has done hard work and now they both hate each other. This series was created by Erin White, She is a Director and a Producer known for Directing films like Dugong, 62 Sleeps & Four.

This series was first released on December 6, 2021, in the United States under Production companies like EQ Media Group which also produced Selling the Big Easy(2019 -), Libertine Pictures who produced Mystic(2020 -), and Hardy White Pictures, they are a new production house who just produced Under The Vine maybe we can see a lot more from them after the success of Under The Vine series.

Under The Vines Season 2 Release Date

The AMC Network has confirmed that there will be a season 2 of Under The Vine after having a successful first season, they wanted to stretch the story of a couple hating each other and wanting to sell their vineyard. Production houses have also confirmed that there going to be another six episodes just like the previous season and will commence early 2022. The lead actress Rebecca Gibney also said that she is thrilled and they are going for another season, she later appreciates the support of Acorn TV and TVNZ. Under The Vines Season 2 Release Date still has a long way to go.

Paul Yates who recently produced a horror-comedy show ‘Wellington Paranormal’ also joins the production team of Under The Vine. “I was thrilled and excited to be asked to be the producer of the second season of such a wonderful show with an incredible cast and crew,he said.

Managing Director of Acorn Media Enterprises said, “We are very happy and excited to return to New Zealand for another season of TVNZ’s Under the Vine”. So as we all can see neither the actor nor the directors but all the cast and crew is thrilled for the second season and why not, you got every reason to get excited after making a show like Under the Vine, Right?

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Under The Vines Season 1 Recap

Under The Vines Season 2 Release Date

Daisy Munroe gets bolted from the surgery center three times as she wants her face to be new. She is then hit on by a young man at a society fundraiser, then she talks to her friend Griff about the call she gets from her stepfather Stanley Oakley’s death. At the airport of New Zealand where the vineyard is located (owned by Stanley), she ran into two relatives of Stanley who think that she is the Sole Heir of her stepfather’s fortune. Later on, the Lawyer, Vic told them that Stanley actually meant “Soul Heir”, as he puts her soul and heart in that vineyard.

Daisy only returned the favor by giving Lewis gift baskets every year, although most of his uncle’s money went towards keeping Daisy’s lifestyle. There are only two people who knew the winery best, Gus and Tippy and now they are worrying that they will get fired if the new owner decides to sell the vineyard. Now, two very successful vineyard owners, Don and Marisa show eagerness to buy the vineyard knowing the fact that they say the vineyard has bad soil. Then they win a local wine contest.

Under The Vines Story

This show “Under the Vine” is based on the old concept of city dwellers coming to the countryside to buy Lands/Farms/Vineyards and etc. This show harks back to some old series like Green Acres.

Under The Vines Season 2 Cast

This show didn’t have a huge number of cast or popular celebrities, but still, they acted so well, and it’s good to watch new actors who work so hard, right?

So, in the main lead Rebecca Gibney as Daisy Monroe and Charles Edwards as Louis Oakley, also Sara Wiseman, Robbie Magasiva, Matt Whelan, Sarah Peirse, Simon Mead, John Bach, and Cohen Holloway.

Is Under The Vines Worth Watching?

Under The Vines Season 2 Release Date

Erin White created this series on an old concept but it’s completely driven by the main lead actors. It’s like a feel-good series to watch which got Comedy/Drama/Romance. This series might not get you bored this Christmas, with 8 on IMDb out of 10 this series is worth watching.

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