Is Being The Ricardos Based On True Story? Here’s The Answer!

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Being The Ricardos is now available for viewing worldwide. This means your Christmas plans are all sorted. Directed and written by Aaron Sorkin, the show is a biographical drama. It revolves around the story of real-life and reel life couple of the 50s sitcom, I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz. The show and the couple had attained immense popularity back then.

Being the Ricardos, the show that was released recently has been able to collect decent reviews despite the initial skepticism from critics. There has been a lot of praise for Nicole Kidman who plays Lucille Ball. Prior to the premiere of the show, Kidman’s casting as Ball was met with controversy.

So have the makers been able to justify the true story? How accurate is the depiction? Here we are at Live Akhbar analyzing if Being The Ricardos has been a successful attempt. Here we are at Live Akhbar finding this out.

Is Being The Ricardos Based On True Story?

Is Being The Ricardos Based On True Story

Yes. The show follows the true story of the famous ‘I Love Lucy’ couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem starring show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The narrative also dives into the various controversies that the couple found themselves in.

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How Real Are The Interviews Being The Ricardos?

It is often observed how directors tend to use real-life footage of interviews and shoots etc. In biographical films. However, this is not the case with Being The Ricardos. The interviews in the show are not real. They are mostly head interviews performed by different actors who read out scripted lines.

Has The Story Been Justified?

The thing with biographies is that they always add some changes to the script ‘Being The Ricardos’ follow suit. It modifies the story in an attempt to make it more cinematic.

However, Sorkin takes it to the extreme by condensing the events into a shorter period to add drama. The story follows true events, yes but the said events did not happen as quickly as shown in the film. Events like Ball becoming pregnant for the 2nd time, testifying against being a communist, and a magazine story that put up narratives about Arnaaz’s infidelity. All these events occurred in a span of different years. Unlike what is depicted in the drama.

Leaving this period condensation aside, Sorkin has managed to stay true to the story. Even some shocking events are true and not exaggerations. For instance, Ball was indeed one of the actors during those times whose refusal to hide her pregnancy led to the makers having to write it into the show.

All in all, we can say that the drama does justify the couple’s story in Being The Ricardos honestly. For a Hollywood movie, the attempt is praiseworthy.

Being The Ricardos Release Date

Is Being The Ricardos Based On True Story

The Aaron Sorkin directed and written movie, Being The Ricardos is streaming on Amazon Prime from 21st December 2021. The show has largely been met with good reviews. If you are a fan of biographical dramas or the lives of celebrities intrigues you. Being The Ricardos is a drama you can watch to make your holidays better. It will make for an engaging 2hr watch. The drama has its share of exaggerations for the sake of depiction, largely one can conclude that the makers have succeeded in justifying their responsibility. Actors Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem play pivotal roles.

Being The Ricardos Cast

Javier Bardem plays the character of Desi Arnaz, Nicole Kidman plays the character of Lucille Ball, Nina Arianda plays the character of Vivian Vance, J K Simmons plays the character of William Frawley, Alia Shawkat plays the character of Madelyn Pugh, Linda Lavin, Jake Lacy plays the character of Bob Carroll Jr., Clark Gregg plays the character of Howard Wenke, Tony Hale plays the character of Jess Oppenheimer, Jamie Miller plays the character of Patty, Christopher Denham plays the character of Donald Glass, Nelson Franklin plays the character of Joe Strickland, John Rubinstein plays the character of Jess Oppenheimer, Ronny Cox plays the character of Bob Carroll Jr., Jonah Platt plays the character of Tip Tribby, Jeff Holman plays the character of Roger Otter.

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