Is Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 Release Date Confirmed?

Let’s bingo again with some family drama and comedy as today’s series is about it. Daughter From Another Mother or Madre sólo hay dos in Spanish is a Mexican streaming television series. The series surrounds around two different mothers, whose babies were switched at birth. They, later on, were forced to come together and raise their daughters in one family. The creators of the series are Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana. The series got released under the production of Perro Azul.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 Release Date

Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 release date

All the episodes of season 1 got premiered on Netflix on January 20, 2021. It got 7.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and was liked by approximately 89 % of people. After the release of its season 1, fans were in the dilemma, whether there will be more seasons or not. Finally, the makers of the series renewed the series for season 2. But, there are some fans who want to know about season 3, which our article is about too. Well, there is no official news about season 3, we can just predict about it. If there would be season 3, then it can come in a year or so. But till then, watch season 2 and enjoy.

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Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 Story

The plot surrounds around the two, very different moms, and the exchange of their daughters. Mariana and Ana had mistakenly exchanged their daughters when they were born. The two moms, though, bonded with the wrong daughters, got to know the truth finally, when their daughters became four months old. Mariana shifted at Ana’s place to breastfeed her daughter and decided to stay at her place until the weaning of the daughter completes.

Soon, after her shift, many emotional dramas and stories came out, as many secrets of the duo family opened. It is also revealed that the two families is, however, interconnected. Pablo and Mariana, at one point, had to work with each other, although if they don’t want it to be. Pablo wanted to be a good father, only if Mariana let her be. As the story proceeds further, we got to know many shocking things.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 Cast

Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 release date

Ludwika Paleta seen in the character of Ana Servín is the wife of Juan Carlos, mother of three kids with a new baby born, and a businesswoman. She has set rules for almost everything. Paulina Goto seen in the character of Mariana Herrera is a single mother who has broken up with her husband Pablo, and now dating a girl, Elena. Martín Altomaro Juan Carlos, Liz Gallardo seen in the character of Teresa, Javier Ponce seen in the character of Pablo, Oka Giner seen in the character of Elena, Elena del Río seen in the character of Cynthia with Lisa Owen, who is seen in the character of Ana’s mother.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 3 Trailer

Well, we can’t say anything for season 3, this time the prediction would also not work. But, don’t lose hope. Just watch the trailer of its season 2 for now.

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