The Outpost Season 5 Release Date Seems Canceled!

The outpost is an American Action/Drama/Fantasy series aired on CW created by Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin premiered in July 2018.

This show follows the story of Tylon who was a lone survivor of a race called Blackbloods. Years after her entire village was destroyed during which her family got killed, she tracks down the killer of her family. On her journey, she then finds out about her supernatural powers which she needs to control so on to shield herself.

A Jessica Green and Jack Stormoen starrer show with the total number of 49 episodes got 6.5 on IMDb.

The Outpost Season 5 Release Date

The Outpost season 5 release date

Yes, The Outpost season 5 was officially canceled by The CW. After the 4th season aired in October 2021, Talon’s story came to an end. The current season is airing The CW which gets good reviews, but there is less interest in season 5. The Tvline tweeted “The outpost canceled after four seasons, season finale airing on The CW”.

So, it’s a piece of really sad news for all The Outpost fans out there that season 5 is not going to happen.

Is The Outpost Worth Watching?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Outpost offers enough blood, mayhem, and intrigue to create a satisfying run. Additionally, the series is romantic, humorous, and is as bloody as it really needs to be to appeal to international audiences. So it’s a good show to watch on a boring weekend when you got nothing much to do.

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The Outpost Season 5 Cast

In the main lead Jessica Green as Talon and Jack Stormoen as Captain Garret Spears, Anand Desai as Janzo, Adam Johnson as Munt, Aaron Fontaine as Tobin, Imogen Waterhouse as Lady Gwynn Calkussar, Reece Ritchie as Zed, Izuka Hoyle as Wren, Tiana Upcheva as Warlita, Jaye Griffiths as Yavalla, Georgia May Foote as Falista and many more.

The Outpost Season 1 Review

Season 1 which was first aired on July 10th 2018 and last aired on October 2nd 2018 consist total 10 episodes which was 40-45 mins long. Talon then runs from that place and seeks revenge. After finding one amongst the murderer she fights with him and kill him but got wounded lost her conscious but got saved by unknown man. Now, Talon who got wounded during a battle between her and one of the amongst her family murderer and saved by a unknown man. After getting well she then finds out about the secrets about herself and her family.

She further learn to know that she have some supernatural magical powers which she can use to protect herself, That unknown mysterious man taught her how to control it and told her to recite when the time is right. As she recouping Gate marshal on the opposite hand starts the investigation of the death of the prime order office which she killed. Season 1 got really popular among students within the US very quickly and receives positive reviews from general public and critics.

The Outpost Season 2 Review

The Outpost season 5 release date

Season 2 first aired on July 11th 2019 and ended on September 26th 2019 consist total 13 episode each 40-45 mins long. Talon and Gwynn harden for an impending war with the Prime Order after defeating Dred’s army and retaking the Outpost. Overlords of the Prime Order, stated as “The Three,” unleash their mysterious powers to quell the rising rebellion at the Outpost with spies, assassins, armies, and even a destructive secret weapon. Season 2 received averaged and mixed reviews by audience and critics.

The Outpost Season 3 & 4 Review

Both season Contains 13 episodes of 40-45 mins like other seasons. Season 3 aired on October 8th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 and Season 4 aired on July 15th 2021 and ended the show on October 7th 2021. In the wake of Gwynn’s sacrifice to destroy Yavalla, the Outpost needs a new leader. But as Talon and Garret try to establish new leadership, a sinister threat emerges revealing the true origins of the mysterious kinjes.

Season 4 gets much more positive reviews from critics then of season 3 but audience just loved this show. They want more talon supernatural battles and we can’t get enough of entertainment, But unfortunately this is not going further as The CW wanted to close before we got bored. So here we are watching the end on the CW one of favourite shows.

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