Is Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 Release Date Coming?

Young Lady and Gentleman is an ongoing Korean television series. The series is written by Kim Sa – Kyung and the creations go to Kang Byung – taek, Moon Jun – ha, and the KBS Drama Division. The direction of the series is done by Shin Chang – Seok. The plot revolves around Lee Yong – gook and Park Dan – dan. Yong is a widower and has three children and Park is the live-in tutor for his kids. He, later on, becomes attracted to her. The series is released under GnG Production. The series has a total of 50 episodes with a running time of approximately 80 minutes.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 Release Date

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 release date

The series started on September 25, 2021, and then it was broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays. It got 8.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDb, 8.1 on Mydramalist, and was liked by approximately 93 % of people. Episode 26 was the last but recent episode, which got premiered on December 19, 2021. As a schedule of the dates has been released by the makers, fans want to know the release date of episode 29. Let me tell you now. Episode 29 will be on-air on January 1, 2022. Till then, just wait and enjoy the recently released episode.

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Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 Story

The plot of the story surrounds around Dan Dan, who lives with her stepmother and stepbrother, Dae Bum, a failing businessman. Tired of being realizing that she can’t tolerate more, she leaves her house. Depending on her luck, she climbs up a mountain, and there she finds Lee, who was hiking and had worn a suit. Lee is a capable chairperson, but a widower with three children.
She, later on, became her live-in tutor and they started working together to care for Lee’s kids. Although many conflicts came in between the two with their 14 years of the age gap, but eventually, at the last, they started liking each other.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 Cast

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29

Ji Hyun – woo in the character of Lee Young – guk is a 40 years old widower and a corporate chairman. He is in grief due to the loss of his wife. He has three children. Lee Se – hee in the character of Park Dan – dan is 27 years old bright, bold and confident live in the tutor of Lee Young guk’s children. Park Ha – Na in the character of Jo Sa – ra is a 36 years old house lady, who manages Lee Young – guk’s household and has a crush on him. Kang Eun – tak in the character of Cha Gun is the youngest son of Jin Dal – Rae.

The series has won the Asia Artist Awards in 2021 under the category of Best OST Award.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 29 Trailer

If you are planning to watch this series, then watch the trailer before that. You will enjoy the suspense and the romantic drama, which will tempt you to watch the series.

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