Will Haikyu Season 5 Release Date Come Soon?

Haikyu is a Japanese manga series. It is written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The series is however comedy but based on sports. The story surrounds around a short-statured boy, named, Shōyō Hinata, who wants to become a great volleyball player. The series depicts all his tries and hard work to be a great volleyball player. The manga series was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in a total of 45 volumes.

The manga series has also an anime television series, which is written by Taku Kishimoto and directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and Masako Satō. A total of 90 episodes have been produced till now in 5 seasons in the series. Haikyu has also an anime film too.

Haikyu Season 5 Release Date

Haikyu Season 5 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from April 6, 2014, to September 21, 2014, Season 2 ran from October 4, 2015, to March 27, 2016, Season 3 ran from October 8, 2016, to December 10, 2016, and Season 4 ran from January 11, 2020, to December 19, 2020. Except for Season 3, which has 10 episodes, other seasons have 25 episodes each. The series got a total of 9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and was liked by approximately 90 % of people.

After a big hit and left in a cliffhanger, fans are now waiting for season 5 of the series. The creators, after the release of season 4, said that they are planning to bring one more season of the series, but now they said that season 4 would be the final season of the series. However, they are planning to be back with a new comeback, as they announced in the Jump Fest 2022. Till now, there is no release date for season 5 but, we can wait for some time more, as the fans have waited for a long year.

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Haikyu Season 5 Story

The plot of the story deals with Shoyo Hinata, a short-statured boy, who is determined to be a great volleyball player, after watching the championship match on the TV. He decided to join the volleyball club of his school. He was the only person on the team, that is why he has to wait for some time to build up a team. He practiced a lot and then the final time came. Although he loses his first match with Kageyama Tobio, he decided to defeat him in the future.

Haikyu Season 5 Characters

Haikyu Season 5

Shoyo Hinata is the main protagonist in the series. He is a first-year student and one of the main volleyball players. He is energetic and cheerful. Although, he is a simple person sometimes makes rash decisions. Toru Oikawa is a third-year student and the captain of the volleyball team. He is very famous among his female friends and teammates due to his flirtatious nature. He can easily understand his teammate’s and opponents’ thoughts very easily. Kenma Kozume is also a third-year student and one of the team players of the volleyball team.

He has also made his charm in many careers like being a stock trader, professional gamer, YouTuber, and the CEO of his own company, Bouncing Ball Corp. He does not lose his temper easily and has a reserved and quiet nature. Yu Nishinoya is a second-year student and served as the libero for the volleyball team. He is energetic and temperamental. He does not think of the outcomes of his actions but, he takes care of the feelings and emotions of his teammates.

Kei Tsukishima is also a second-year student and an antagonist. He is being named as an arrogant person, but he thinks of himself being as inferior. Tetsurō Kuroo is a second-year student and served as the middle blocker in the team. He is considered a provocation expert by many and is genuine.

List Of The Awards Won By The Series !

As it has been such a long time since this series, there is a surety that the series would be able to win many awards till now. Let’s discuss the list here! Haikyu is listed among the best anime series of the 2010s by IGN. It is also nominated for the Best Anime Series of 2016. It was under the top ten streamed series.

Haikyu Season 5 Trailer

Till now, there is no official trailer of season 5, but we are here providing you the trailer of season 4. Just watch it and enjoy the story, concept, and characters deeply, and decide if the series is of your taste or not.

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