Is Aranyak A True Story? Know Everything Here!

Aranyak is an Indian suspense and thriller web series. It is directed by Vinay Waikul. It is produced under the production of Ramesh Sippy Entertainment and Roy Kapur Films. Aranyak surrounds around the story of finding a foreign teenage tourist who got disappeared in the midst of Himalayan town. Kasturi Dogra, a cop, and Angad Malik start finding him by crossing every obstacle of mystery and suspense.

Aranyak is a new series now. Season one of the series is released on the OTT platform, Netflix, on December 10, 2021, with a total of 8 episodes. It got 8.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 3 out of 5 on Times Of India. The series is liked by approximately 92 % of people.

Is Aranyak Worth Watching?

Is Aranyak A True Story

The series is all about finding a teenage tourist, Rabbit, who got disappeared in the midst of the top and bushy Himalayan region. The case was handled by Kasturi Dogra, a cop, with the help of Angad Malik. Stuck in each mystery, the series thrills the audience with the suspense in every step. The lovers of mystery and drama will definitely like this series.

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Is Aranyak A True Story?

Now, come to the main and important point on which the article is about. Is Aranyak based on a true story? So, the answer is a complete ” No “. The series is not a true story and a purely fictional one. In an interview done with Raveena Tandon, she told that the series is totally a fictional one and is not based on any true event. Sironah, the place where the series is filmed is also a fictional one.

However, she is too much inspired by the ladies’ police officer. She is inspired by how they manage their personal life and professional life. It is very difficult for a police officer on the top of the hills to investigate the cases. She enjoyed doing this series and her role too.

Aranyak Cast

Is Aranyak A True Story

Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana, and Parambrata Chatterjee are seen in the main roles in the series. Raveena Tandon is seen in the character of Kasturi Dogra, Parambrata Chatterjee is seen in the character of Angad Malik and Ashutosh Rana is seen in the character of Mahadev Dogra.

Other casts include Meghna Malik in the character of Jagdamba Dhumal, Zakir Hussain in the character of Kuber Manhas, Indraneil Sen Gupta in the character of Ravi Parashar, Varin Roopani in the character of Rabbit, and Ajeet Singh Palawat in the character of Sundar Raja. Other secondary casts include Danish Iqbal as Govind Agarwal, Mahesh Shetty as Omi Chawla, Anant Jog as Doctor Joshi, Taneesha Joshi as Nutan Dogra, Wishvesh Sharkholi as Bunty Rawat, Breshna Khan as Julie Baptiste and Anastasiya Hamolka as Aimee Baptiste, and many more.

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