Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3 Release Date And More!

Now we are breaking up is making the fans go crazy all over the world. The crazy chemistry between Song Hye-Kyo and Jang Ki-Yong is undeniable. K-Drama fans are absolutely loving these two talented actors together. After the premiere of the episode, 2 fans are ready to dive into episode 3. When will episode 3 premiere?

Now, We’re Breaking Up (Korean- Jigeum, Heeojineun Jungibnida) is a South Korean romantic drama series featuring Song Hye-Kyo, Jang Ki-Yong, Kim Joo-hun, and Choi Hee-Seo. The series, directed by Lee Gil-bok, with a screenplay by Je In and produced by Samhwa Networks and United Artists Agency, is about men and women falling in love and breaking up. It debuted on SBS TV on November 12, 2021, and continues to air every Friday and Saturday at 22:00. 

The story is about love and breakups in the romantic world. It depicts the current situation in the framework of the fashion industry. Ha Yeong-eun (Song Hye-Kyo) is a beautiful, trendy team leader of the design department. Yoon Jae-gook (Jang Ki-Yong) is an accomplished freelance photographer. Their chemistry and acting set fire on the screens and leave the fans yearning for more.


Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3 Release Date

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3

Now, We Are Breaking Up’ episode 3 aired on SBS on November 19th at 10 p.m. KST. Following its broadcast on SBS, it will be available on a variety of streaming services, which include Rakuten Viki and Viu.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 2 Synopsis And Ratings

‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ has ranked high on the most buzzworthy drama list since its premiere. Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki-Yong have both topped the list of most buzzworthy drama cast members, ranking first and second, respectively.’Now, We Are Breaking Up’ came in second place on the list of the most buzzworthy dramas.

According to Nielson Korea, the first episode of ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ received a 6.4 percent national average rating as well as 6.6 percent in Seoul. The ratings soared to a maximum of 8.4 percent in the ending scene.

Jae-guk arrives in Seoul for a brief stop before returning home to Paris in Episode 2 of Now, We Are Breaking Up, following the conclusion of K Fashion Week.

The CEO of The One calls an urgent meeting to decide Sono’s drop from first place in sales in the last week. Young-eun is also being trained for The One’s 30th-anniversary event. Which is taking place on the same day as Lucia’s massive show.

Since international firms are taking over the Korean market, Olivier was supposed to be their competitive advantage over Lucia, and Young-eun is blamed for the deal’s failure. Chi-sook also takes advantage of the situation to act as if it occurred because Young-eun did not wait for her to run the proceedings with Olivier.

Young-eun does not buckle under pressure. She devised a new strategy to leverage the combined following of popular influencers and celebrities to promote the anniversary event. The most popular of them all, an influencer named Hye-rin, will be in charge.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3

The CEO ends the meeting there because he wanted to communicate with Young-eun privately. He chastises her for taking the initiative with Olivier rather than remaining in her place and spoon-feeding Chi-sook advice. Chi-sook joins them, and her father suggests that she keep meeting Jae-guk.

Do-hoon, who is organizing the anniversary event’s public relations. Receives a call from Hye-team rin’s informing him that she wishes to switch sides to Lucia. He rushes to his office, bringing Jae-guk. Who was in his car when he received the call, with him for an emergency meeting with Young-eun and Chi-sook?

In the ending segment we see that When Chi-sook arrives, she is devastated to find the real Do-hoon instead of Jae-guk and refuses to believe he is himself. She only stops throwing verbal punches when Jae-guk appears in front of them and joins their meeting. Motivated by the prospect of seeing Young-eun.

The entire one-lead-dated-the-other-lead’s-dead-sibling-so-now-their-romance-is-sort-of-forbidden device comes across as clumsy at best. The only time such a tired trope becomes watchable is when the leads have enough romantic tension to keep you devoted to their happy ending regardless of how crazy the twists get. When our leads are in the same place, however, romantic tension vanishes.