Melancholia Episode 12 Release Date Revealed!

Melancholia is a South Korean television series that features, Lee Do-Hyun, Im Soo-Jung, Jin Kyung, and Jang Hyun-sung. It is directed by Kim Sang-hyeob. The series tells the story of debacles and corrupt practices in Gangnam’s private high schools.   It premiered on 15th November 2021 and airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22.30. It is also available in multiple territories for streaming on iQIYI and Viu.

Melancholia tells the story of Ji Yoon-soo (Im Soo-Jung), who is a mathematics teacher at the prestigious private Ahseong High School. Which also serves as a source of corruption. She appears to be a pleasant person on the outside, but once she makes up her mind about something, she becomes courageous and obstinate. Yoon-soo is a math teacher who encourages her students to come up with their own solutions. She meets Baek Seung-yoo (played by Lee Do-Hyun) at school, a distraught student at the bottom of the class. She notices his math potential, and as a result of her attention and interactions with him, Seung-grades Yoo’s improved and he rises to the top of the class.

Baek Seung-yoo is a student who rarely speaks but enjoys taking pictures with his camera. Seung- yoo has no school friends, but he has a disturbing past. He won numerous mathematical olympiads as a child. He enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States when he was ten years old, but he abruptly dropped out when he was twelve.

Yoon-soo had no idea that her recognition and connections with Seung-yoo would spark rumors of a teacher-student sex scandal among other students and parents, leading to her dismissal. Yoon-soo and Seung-yoo reunite four years later. As adults, they band together to expose the corruption at Ahseong High School and restore Yoon-reputation soo’s as a teacher.

Melancholia Episode 12 Release Date

Melancholia Episode 12

This series became extremely popular after only a few episodes were released. Melancholia Season 1 has finally premiered, and a few episodes have already aired. The fans of this series are so enthralled by it that they are eager to learn when the next episode, Melancholia Episode 12, will be released. When will the next episode, Episode 12, be released?

The Melancholia Episode 12 release date is set for December 16, 2021.

Melancholia’s gripping plot can be attributed as one of the main reasons why this series has managed to gain such popularity, prompting fans to look for Melancholia Episode 12 which we have mentioned in the section above.


Melancholia Cast Members

This drama will feature a number of well-known and talented Korean actors. The main characters will be played by actors Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung, who will play Baek Seung Yoo and Ji Yoon Soo, respectively. Other supporting actors who will appear include Jin Kyung, Oh Hye-Won, Choi Woo-Sung, Kim Mi-Hye, Jang Hyun-Sung, Byun Jung-Soo, Baek Ji-Won, Kim Ho-Jin, and many more. We, the fans, have high expectations for the drama because these actors are so good at what they do. The only thing we can do now is wait for Melancholia to fall.

Melancholia Episode 12 Plot

Melancholia Episode 12

The ‘Melancholia’ drama’s main plot revolves around Ji Yoon Soo who suffers horribly for something she hasn’t done. So far, we’ve seen Ms. Ji call Ye Rin to discuss her mid-term math exam, which she created. Ye Rin suffers from hyperventilation as the events unfold and are immediately taken to the nurse. When her mother learns of this, she becomes enraged and slaps Ms. Ji in front of everyone. Baek Seung Yoo arrives at this point to stop Hye Mi, but his actions are misinterpreted as his feelings for Ms. Ji.

Yoon Soo decides not to meet Seung Yoo after this, but he pursues her on the street. They have no idea they are being followed by a private detective who is photographing them. The following day, as Yoon Soo walks down the aisle with Sung Jae, a picture of her with Seung Yoo is projected on the screen, confirming to everyone that she has an inappropriate relationship with a student. Following this episode, speculation arose as to whether Yoon Soo would be fired. In addition, how will Seung Yoo establish her innocence?

We will soon come to know where this story is leading too. Will they be able to expose the underlying corruption or will they get stuck in this whirlwind?