Surviving Death Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Based on the novel of the same name, Surviving Death is a docu-series on Netflix. It is directed by Ricki Stern. The docu-series is focused on themes like life after death and psychic mediumship. The first season of this show was released on 6th January 2021. The novel on which it is based is written by journalist and paranormal enthusiast Leslie Kean. The book was released back in 2017. This Netflix docu-series has a total of 6 episodes.

Speaking about the rating, Surviving Death has had a mixed response from the audience. It has a 6.1/10 rating on IMDb. On the other hand, about 80% of the reviewers have liked the show on Rotten tomatoes. Some critics have given skeptical reviews because the show represents pseudoscientific parapsychology as science. Surviving Death Season 1 has also been accused of exploiting the feelings of grieving and vulnerable people.

Surviving Death Season 2 Release Date

Surviving Death Season 2

After the finale of the first season, the responses from the audience and the critics were somewhat mixed. Several reports suggest that a “Season 2 seems very unlikely.” However, Netflix has not officially announced any renewal or cancellation news regarding the show. There may be a Surviving Death Season 2 if director Ricki Stern decides to continue. 

According to previous records, she has a habit of jumping from project to project. Ricki’s previous project also included a documentary. This show also saw just one season of a limited number of episodes. The finale was satisfying with all the loopholes and plot mysteries solved at the end. Surviving Death Season 1 finale also saw a similar ending. Therefore, whether season 2 is on the way or not is yet to be revealed.


Surviving Death Season 2 Story

As mentioned above, Surviving Death season 1 is a docu-series that recites tales and stories of people who have had near-death experiences. It also shows stories of people who believe themselves to be reincarnated and have memories of past lives. There are some interviews with mediums who claim they can commune with the dead. 

After having discussed the paranormal aspects of the incidents, the show then embarks upon an alternative explanation with some scientific reasoning. If there is a renewal for season 2, Surviving Death is expected to still deal with similar stories. Whether the director will include some new elements in the show, is yet to be seen. All in all, it totally depends on the director and the production company for now. It is just too early to guess about the second season’s plot.

Surviving Death Season 1 Recap

In the pilot episode of Surviving Death Season 1, it featured Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon. She was supposedly declared clinically dead for almost 30 minutes after a kayaking trip went terribly wrong. Right after this incident, she claims to feel as if her spirit was leaving her body. Not only this, but according to her, the spirits of deceased relatives escorted her up to Heaven. This unusual experience converted her into a believer in spirituality and paranormal activities.

Five more episodes follow where people share similar types of experiences. The paranormal analysts try to reason out and give an explanation behind the incidents. The show also considers the scientific aspects and tries to give an alternative explanation. Because of this approach, some critics have been very open-minded about the theme of this show. But there are many other critics who think that this show only exploits feelings of grieving and vulnerable people.

Surviving Death Season 1 Cast

Mary Neal, Bruce Greyson, Jim Tucker, Peter Fenwick, Kimberly Clark Sharp, Dannet Cramer, Jose Hernandez, Stephanie Arnold, and Julie Levitt are the ones who share their stories. Apart from that, there are many analysts and doctors who weigh the reasons for such tales.