Is Asta Stronger Than Yuno?

Asta is one of the main and interesting fictional character in the television anime series, Black Clover. He is interesting just because he has no magical powers with him from the birth, which is very unusual in his kingdom. As the fans have seen the Anime, there will be some who will have a bucket of questions and doubts about the series and character. So here we are! We will tell you here, whether Asta is stronger or Yuno, for which the article is about.

Is Asta Stronger Than Yuno?

Is Asta Stronger Than Yuno

Well, first we will tell you who is stronger: Asta or Yuno, and then we will let you know what causes this result. We will tell you very clear that Asta is stronger than Yuno and the Black Clover is all about Asta himself. Now the question arises: Why is Asta Stronger than Yuno? What special abilities does Asta have that make him stronger than Yuno? It all depends upon the leaf clover grimoire, physical strength, number of swords, and magical powers.


As we had already told you earlier that the real and the strong hero is Asta, we have talked about his qualities too. Though these are just an overview of their qualities and strengths, it still give us an idea that who is stronger. An interesting fact to know that, although, Asta does not possess any magical powers or mana, he still is the strongest player, which is very admirable.


Asta Powers And Strengths

Although, Asta was born, lacking the mana or the magical powers, he still wants to be the next Wizard King and win the title of Magic Emperor, for which he trained himself in physical strength training. Asta is powerful in physical strength and can destroy rocks by his bare hands and sword. He can run faster than the light. He can also deflect attacks by opponents but that which are not faster than him. He can also transform into Black Asta. He can also fly on the Demon Slayer Sword by a technique called Black Slash with the Demon Dweller Sword. He also has some special techniques like Black Meteorite, Black Hurricane and Anti-Magic. He uses many swords.

Yuno Powers And Strengths

On the other hand, if we talk about the strength, powers and swords of Yuno then we will see these results. He possesses high amounts of magic power. He shows incredible magic attacks. He has the Mana Skin which can protect him from some magic attacks. Mana Zone allows him to use his spells anywhere. He has special techniques like Wind Magic: Towering Tornado and Swift Wind Hawk and Wind Spirit Magic: Sylph’s Breath and Spirit Storm. He has four Leaf Clover Grimoire and Asta have five Leaf Clover Grimoire Magic Stone Pendant.

Relationship Between Asta And Yuno

Is Asta Stronger Than Yuno

Although, the powers, qualities and strengths of Asta and Yuno differ in many respects, but still, they are real friends. Yuno is Asta’s foster brother and companion in every work and field. Both of them grew together in Hage and competiting with each other for the title of Magic Emperor. Although, they are competitors, but they have a mutual understanding in between. They always pass positive and good comments and reviews on each other. They talk about each other’s strengths, powers, qualities and goodness.

They always praise each other. Although, Asta wants to win the Magic Emperor title, but he admires and encourage Yuno too much, that if Asta would not be able to win the title, the Yuno will take the name.

The anime is available on TV Tokyo.

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