Why Does Asta Have No Magic? Know Everything Here!

If you are something who loves Anime series, drama, and movies a lot then, Black Clover can be best suited for you. It gives you Anime entertainment with the magical powers bonanza. Black Clover is a Japanese series which is been transcribed into magazines as manga series, television series, animated DVD, games, and film. Black Clover was directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and Ayataka Tanemura. It is full of fantasy and adventure. The series focuses on an orphan boy, named Asta, who has no magical powers from his birth. But, he still wants to be the next Wizard King, for which he gets trained in physical strength.

Who Is Asta?

Why Does Asta Have No Magic

Asta is the fictional character in the Anime series, Black Clover. He is different from the other characters as he doesn’t have any magical powers from birth. Although he doesn’t have any magical powers, he still wants to be the next Wizard King, for which he trained himself in physical training and gets into the Magic Knight Squad.

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Why Does Asta Have No Magic?

Richita ( his mother ) was born with mana that is, the magic like everyone else but with the uncontrollable ability to absorb the mana which was quite tough for her life. She was in the fear that she would suck the life out of her baby. Therefore, she sucked away Asta’s mana at the moment when he was born and left him in a basket at Hage’s church. She did this to save her child’s life.

Sometime later, she found Licht’s grimoire and a young and injured Liebe. She was in the guilt of abandoning her own child, she adopted Liebe. On the other hand, Asta was gaining Anti – Magic. Liebe was born with the ability to use Anti-Magic and this happens again with Asta as he also gained and started using Anti – Magic. Due to Asta’s lack of mana, it was also difficult for him as no magic institution was accepting him.

Character And Personality Of Asta

Asta is an orphan boy, who was left by his mother, Richita in his infancy at a church in a village called Hage. Although, he is a short stature man but has a massive build-up of his body. He has messy blonde hair with a pair of green eyes. He ties all his hair with the help of a black headband. He wears a white tunic with a blue jacket and a pant that extends up to only his knees.

He has no magical powers from birth, which is very rare and unique in his kingdom. In spite of all this, he wants to be the next Wizard King, for which he trained himself in physical training and got a massive and strong body. He joined the Magic Knight Squad which is known as the Black Bulls. Before this, he acquired a five-leaf clover grimoire, which helped him to use the anti-magic technique effectively, through which he can sense an opponent’s attack. He has three magical swords which help him to save himself in any kind of war.

Asta is a very cheerful and hyperactive boy, who has a strong determination in achieving his goals. As he comes from Forsaken Region, he sees many harsh opinions and actions of people towards him, which resulted in Asta starting to defend himself every time. He can also transform into Black Asta. He has a strong sense of justice and friendship ability as he befriends Yuno and Noelle Silva, though they both insult him.

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