Where To Watch Monster Anime? Here’s The Answer!

Written and Illustrated by Naoki Urasawa, Monster is a Japanese Manga series and TV show. It was published from 1994 to 2001 in Big Comic Original Magazine owned by Shogakukan. There are 18 tankōbon volumes in which the chapters are collected and printed. Madhouse adapted the manga into a TV series. This 74-episode anime aired on Nippon TV from April 2004 to September 2005.

The story is about Kenzo Tenma. He is a  Japanese surgeon living in Düsseldorf, Germany. His life turns upside down when he gets involved with a former patient of his named Johan Liebert. Later it is revealed that Johan is a dangerous serial killer. Directed by Masayuki Kojima and written by Tatsuhiko Urahata, Viz Media licensed it for its English releases in North America. In Australia, it was licensed in 2013 by Siren Visual. 

Where To Watch Monster Anime?

Monster Anime

Monster Anime is available on a lot of web platforms where the viewers can watch it legally. The series is licensed to be available on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Viz Media also allows the viewers to watch it on their online platform. However, Viz Media is only available in some limited countries. 

Since Viz Media only produces for the markets of North America, Monster Anime is only available on Amazon Prime US, American Netflix, and Netflix Canada. Viewers need to have a subscription to Amazon and Netflix of these countries to legally watch the series.

On Amazon Prime US, the series of Monster Anime is available in English audio and subtitles. The better quality also makes it quite popular among the viewers. Fans can download or stream all the five seasons of Monster Anime.


In the United States, viewers have been able to watch the series on Netflix since June 20th, 2011. Netflix also provides all uncut episodes of the Monster Anime. It also provides English subtitles for non-Japanese watchers. The visual quality of the episodes is also much better than the other platforms. 

Legally, the viewers have to have a Netflix subscription to these two places to watch the 74-episode series. In the beginning, only 15 episodes were released by Viz Media. But now the fans can access all of the episodes of this series. 

Although Funimation is one of the biggest streaming platforms for watching Anime shows legally, it does not have the rights to stream Monster Anime yet. But in the future, there is a chance for the series to be available on Funimation.

Monster Storyline

Monster Anime

A young Japanese brain surgeon, Dr. Kenzo Tenma is dissatisfied with the hospital’s political bias in treating patients. He decides to take a huge step to change things when Johan and Anna Liebert come to the hospital wounded. Tenma decides to treat Johan first even when the Mayor of the town is also in a critical condition. Johan gets well but the Mayor dies and Tenma suffers losses in his social standing.

Fast forward to nine years after the incident, he saves a criminal named Adolf Junkers. Tenma hears Junkers muttering something about a “monster.” Soon after, Junkers mysteriously disappears from the hospital. All of these happenings lead to a greater conspiracy and Tenma gets wrapped up in the nasty cobweb. It is also revealed later that Johan Liebert is also a part of this conspiracy and that he actually is a serial killer. 

Tenma’s life takes a flip when Johan kills Junkers and the police start suspecting him for the crime because he was present at the scene. The origins of the term “monster” is also revealed later in the seasons. Will Tenma escape from all of this? Or is there something much bigger in store for him? The climax of the series answers all the questions.