Is Naruto Real? Know About Your Favorite Anime Character!

Naruto is one of the famous and most favorite Japanese manga series. It is a series which is loved by all age groups and from all over the world. The story revolves around a young ninja who has an enormous amount of skill in him. His name is Naruto Uzumaki whose main motive was to seek recognition from his peers and to become the Hokage, the leader of his village. The whole story is illustrated in two parts-the first set is in Naruto’s preteen years and the second in his teens. The series carries the adventurous fantasy, martial arts as well as comedy genres. So the series is the complete package that will hold you in front of the screen without even moving for even a second. Here the question arises Is Naruto Real? So firstly we have to know about something more to get to the conclusion.

Some Facts About Naruto

Why Naruto Is Not Real

There is nothing like Ninjas in modern Japan but it is believed that in ancient Japan there are used to be ninjas with whom the Naruto characters are similar but no one has ever seen real ninjas so it is not possible for anyone to say whether Naruto’s ninjas are portraying the real ninjas or not. So to conclude about anything whether Naruto is real or fiction is quite not possible. However, assumptions can be made. Some viewers who are the die heart Naruto fans may call them real and some will not. So all this depends on the viewers who are watching the show.


Is Naruto Real?

The main reason to believe that Naruto is not real is a very basic reason is that no one has ever seen the ninja in the real life. Ninja character is only seen in series or in cartoons. It is only the fictional character that is made by the makers to attract the viewers as it is something that attracts all age groups and the makers have succeeded in doing that by attracting a large audience as Naruto had to get ver great response from the audience as well as the critics. So from this, it may be concluded that it is only the strategy which is played by the makers to make the series interesting and entertaining.

Reasons To Believe?

Some fans of Naruto believe that Naruto is real because they connect with the story of the character which makes them believe that it may have happened and they start thinking that it is based on the true story

Some people think that Ninjas had existed in ancient Japan and the Naruto characters are portraying them only their lifestyle their wars and many things more.

Unknown Facts About Naruto

It may be concluded that Naruto is not real it is just a fictional series to attract a large number of viewers. Here are some unknown facts about naruto.

  1. Naruto is one of the biggest selling Manga tittles in the world

2. It has taken many references from Dragon Ballz

3. The iconic headbands in Naruto are made out of laziness it was not planned at all.


Why Naruto Is Not Real

The day on which Naruto Uzumaki was born the village of Konoha was attacked by 9 tailed fox demons. And in try of protecting the village Naruto’s father who was the fourth Hokage sacrificed his life and sealed the demon in his newborn son. After 13 years Naruto graduates from the ninja academy with a goal to become the Hokage of the village. In his journey of becoming Hokage, Sasuke Uchiha joined him whose aim was to gain the power to avenge his clan after they were murdered by his elder brother. Naruto used to love Sakura Haruno but she loves his rival Sasuke. Naruto had gone through the extreme level to save his friendship and from losing his friend even it meant losing himself

It all depends on the belief of the viewers who are watching Naruto decide whether it is real or not but if we go through the story plot it is to be said that makers have done a very excellent job by making people believe in the fictional character as the real character.