Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Release Date And Updates

Miss Scarlet and The Duke is a British – Irish crime television drama series. It is created by Rachael New and directed by Declan O’Dwyer. The genre of the series is crime, thriller, drama, and mystery. It is released under the production companies of A+E Networks UK, Element 8 Entertainment, and Shinawil Productions. The series has only 1 season with 6 episodes of the duration of 60 minutes. Here’s what we know about Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Release Date .

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series was released on March 30, 2020. The series is released in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It got premiered worldwide on Alibi and on PBS in the United States. It got 8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is liked by approximately 93% of people.

After watching so many mysteries and thrill, fans are waiting for its next season to come. So, we will tell you that the release date of its next season is confirmed, and the official announcement is also made. According to the reports, we can probably meet with season 2 by the end of 2022.

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Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 1 Recap

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Seas

The story revolves around Eliza Scarlet, daughter of a renowned detective, Henry Scarlet, who is left alone after her father’s death in Victorian London. She was low at her finances, so she decided to start her father’s detective business again. She takes help from her childhood friend, William Wellington, also known as The Duke, to give her some cases too. He is the Detective Inspector of Scotland Yard. Not getting too many cases, she used to steal the cases from his office.

Wiliam was raised up by her late father when he was a street child. He gave him training in the police academy. In childhood, Willaim and Eliza shared kisses. Though William was too rid of her aspirations and desires, he cares much about her. Eliza is of quarrelsome nature, but only some people know about this fact. William and Moses help her in the cases as she was not so perfect at solving mysteries.

She soon got to know that their house was on the lease, and she was told to pay the remaining amount unless she has to leave. She went to both the men for some help. They offered her some cases to solve, even she also got a case to prove a man’s innocence when he was found with a bloody knife.

She also got to know about a secret of her father which was shocking. She along with William went to an abandoned prison and discovered that it was the hideout place of some criminal gang. Moses soon tell her that William is not the man she is thinking of.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Story

We will again see the mystery in the next season too with a crunch of some romance too between Eliza and William. There will be many secrets open that will take us into a new story.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 2 Cast

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Seas

Kate Phillips in the character of Eliza Scarlet is the first – ever female detective in 19th century in London. She is in relationship with her childhood friend and now business partner Inspector William “The Duke” Wellington. Stuart Martin in the character of William Wellington a.k.a ‘The Duke’ is a detective inspector in Scotland Yard and the childhood friend of Eliza.

Ansu Kabia as Moses is an infamous crook from Jamaica and works as a minder for chorus girls. Andrew Gower as Rupert Parker is a mild-mannered and slightly nervous young wealthy man.

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