Hache Season 3 Release Date: Is The Show Cancelled Or Renewed?

Hache is a Spanish television crime drama series. Series is created by Verónica Fernández. Hache is written by Carlos López, Santos Mercero and Almudena Ocaña whereas Jorge Torregrossa, Fernando Trullols and Vibhav Shikdar served as the directors on the show. The show currently has two seasons with 14 seasons with runtime averaging from 40 to 52 minutes per episode. All the episodes are available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

Hache Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Hache became available worldwide on Netflix on 1st November 2019, it consisted of 8 episodes of around one hour each. In around 20 days on 21st November 2019, the show creators announced that the show is renewed for a second season that premiered on Netflix on 5th February 2021. In July 2021 the makers and Netflix announced that the show was canceled after two seasons and there will be no further seasons.

Hache Season 3 Story

Hache is based upon the true events of Helena a woman trapped in the drug trafficking business that was on a boom during 1960’s in the city of Barcelona.

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Hache Season 2 Recap

Hache Season 3

The story begins with Helena a woman trapped in the deadly business of drug trafficking trying to seduce a drug lord Malpica to get funds that would free her partner from jail, meanwhile inspector Vinuesa is investigating a series of murders taking place in the city. Inspector links all the murders to the trafficking of drug in the city, Helena who now is known as Hache tries to hide her daughter from her new lover. Hache gains Malpica’s trust and secures higher positions in his organization meanwhile Vinuesa finds a clue that diverts his attention to the seaport of the city. Drug lord Malpica and his men are searching for missing Anna before an important meeting and Vinuesa is not focused on the shooting that took place. Malpica frees Hache then she along with the port director is interrogated, Vinuesa is giving orders that questions his abilities. Hache is able to make a good impression on Luciano when Malpica brings her on a business trip with him.

Bruno asks Hache to leave the organization and move to Argentina, Malpica orders Kopinski to commit a crime which he is not willing to do. A person who tried to betray Malpica is found and tortured, Hache mourns her loss and starts to plan for vengeance. An unknown guest brings some news for Hache, a robbery case overshadows the happiness Vinuesa found in his life. Hache is given a time of one week to get her lab running that would make drug but the arrival of a relative makes her situation more stressful. Laforet who is a dealer of Malpica visits Hache to see the lab and offers her a deal meanwhile Camino confesses a secret to her husband which he was unaware of for years.

Vinuesa investigates the incident that took place in the club, Hache meets Celeste in an unexpected place. The drug is ready but Hache requires the help of Aristides who would ship it out of Barcelona without the officials being noticing. An unfortunate loss makes Luciano come to Barcelona to conduct an investigation, Camino gives threats of a betrayal and hands it over to the cops while Vinuesa’s wife Silvia has reached the highest limit with her husband in terms of their relationship.

Hache Season 3 Cast

Hache Season 3

Adriana Ugarte plays Helena “Hache”. Eduardo Noriega plays Alejandro Vinuesa. Javier ray plays Malpica. Ingrid Rubio plays Celeste. Marc Martinez plays Aristidies. Pep Ambros plays Julio Senovilla. Marina Salas plays Silvia Velasco. Tony Zenet plays Ramiro Larrocha. Josep Julian plays Eladio Perez. Alex Casanovas plays Clemente Larrubia. Andrew Tarbet plays Walter Kopinski.

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