Caligula Season 2 Release Date: When Will The Anime Return?

Caligula is a Japanese anime series that is an adaptation of the famous video game The Caligula effect. The anime is created by Aquria studios and Takuya Yamanaka. Touko Machida is the writer of the show whereas Jun’ichi Wada serves as the director. The show currently has 1 season with 12 episodes. The show managed to get mixed ratings from critics and audiences since its premiere. On IMDb show received 5.4 out of 10. The video game version also similarly received mixed to average reviews from across platforms that it was released across.

An official remake to the game titled “The Caligula effect: overdose” was released in May 2018 on PS4 in Japan and March 2019 worldwide. A sequel called “The Caligula effect 2” was released on 24th June 2021 in Japan on Play station 4 and Nintendo switch. The first episode of the Anime series was released on 8th April 2018 and the final episode was released on 24th June 2018, each episode was around 30 minutes long. The show managed to receive some positive reviews for its unique concept and animation style but it was criticized because of the hollow characterization and lack of depth in storylines.

Caligula Season 2 Release Date

Caligula Season 2

Caligula anime show was announced by FURYU during a Livestream that a show adapted from the video game “The Caligula effect” was in development. The show premiered in April 2018 directed by Jun’ichi Wada at state light animation studios. Kenji Tanabe developed the characters based upon the original works by Oguchi work for the video game. A series of composers produced the theme music “Paradigm box” and ending theme “Hypno” and ran for 12 episodes before the conclusion.

There are no chances for a second season seeing that the first season ended in 2018 and the story was concluded in 12 episodes, the makers have also confirmed that as of now they do not have any plans to create a new season for the show as the story of video game has been covered in the first season itself and seeing mixed reviews of both video game as well as the anime show the makers are hesitant about making further investments in the series. If there could be a new season it would most probably be based upon the sequel to the video game but it would take time in development for the show as the new video game is new to the market and makers are waiting for people’s response on it.


Caligula Season 2 Story

Caligula follows the story of high school student Ritsu Shikishima who often hears a strange noise followed by a static disturbance that pleads for help, the voice is of Mu a famous pop idol whose songs are making an adverse effect on the world. When Ritsu realizes that he is trapped in a virtual world called Morbius, now he must gather everyone else and use the power that he has gained to fight against the mysterious group known as the Ostinato Musicians using their emotions known as the Catherasis effect.

Caligula Seson 1 Recap

Ritsu Shikishima lives a normal life, he hangs out with his friends and has a perfect world around him but things begin to go upside down when he starts listening to strange sounds followed by a static disturbance which pleads for help, it is unraveled that the voice belongs to Mu, a beloved pop icon whose music is creating a disturbing effect on the world. Before the very eyes of Ritsu, all his friends and family turn into glitches before vanishing and he realizes that he is trapped in the world of Mu called Morbius that is a virtual world. Ritsu now must gather everyone and weapons through an emotion known as the Catherasis effect to fight a common enemy a mysterious group hidden somewhere in Morbius known as The Ostinato Musicians.

Caligula Season 2 Characters

Caligula Season 2

Ritsu Shikishima is voiced by Chihiro Swashiro the main protagonist of the game as well as the show who is trapped in Morbius and must fight the enemies for survival. Mu is voiced by Reina Ueda. Izuru Minezawa is voiced by yuichiro Umehara and Tomoaki Maeno. Shougo Satake is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi. Aria is voiced by Asami Shimoda.