I Am A Killer Season 3 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

Who doesn’t like crime thriller dramas? Specially, when it’s on Netflix. Well, if you are a crime thriller genre fan, you probably have heard about I Am A Killer currently streaming on Netflix. The show might be underrated, but those who have watched are just waiting for I Am A Killer Season 3 Release Date. Well, do not worry, we are here for you. We have all the details you should be looking for about the show.

I Am A Killer is a television series featuring on Netflix and Crime + Investigation Uk. The series involves interviews with inmates. Rather than telling by others, the inmates tell their crime and thriller stories with their own words and emotions. The series is directed by Ned Parker, Jeremy Turner, Zoe Hines, James Tovell, Ross Young, and Stuart Powell.

I Am A Killer Season 3 Release Date

I Am A Killer Season 3

Currently, there is no I Am A Killer season 3 release date announced by the original makers yet. So, if we guess, we can expect the next season of the show by the end of 2022. Plus, if the situation of the pandemic remains good, the show can come early too.

Season 1 was released on August 3, 2018, and Season 2 was released on January 31, 2020. Both the seasons have 10 episodes each. It got 7.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. The series is liked by approximately 80%. The average duration of each episode is around an hour.

Till October this year, Season 3 of the series is not canceled or renewed. If there will be any chance of its next season, then we can expect it to be coming by the next year. Till then, we have to wait.

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I Am A Killer Season 3 Story

The series, “I Am A Killer” shows us the true incidents and stories of some criminals by their own words. They are intended to tell everything exact and accurate so that the people can know about them, their lives, and their stories. Each and every episode of the duo seasons tell us the crime story of each criminal in brief. We will give you a brief of every episode here.

The first episode, “Means to an End” tells us the story of James Robertson who had been in jail for the last 37 years and on death row. Still, he, to escape from death row, murdered his new cellmate in jail. He first went up to the jail at the age of 12 in the theft case. Later on, he got indulged in many bad habits and crimes. He used to take cocaine and other drugs, for which he again was behind the bars.

The next episode, “Killer in the Eyes of the Law” tells us the story of Kenneth Foster who had a very bad childhood as both his parents were drug addicts and his father used to steal things. For some time, he was under his grandfather’s guidance and learned music. But how long? One night, he was driving along with three other men: Julius Steen, Mauriceo Brown, and Dwayne Dillard. They robbed a woman and shot fire. Though he was not involved in all the robbery plans but got a prison sentence of 30 years according to the Texas rule.

I Am A Killer Season 3

The Mockingbird Raised is the story of Justin Dickens. He is just like James Robertson. Got his childhood bad with a drug addict mother and his parents split up when he was just 13. He used to rob with his mother and then met with Dallas Moore and Martha (Dallas’s female partner). One day, Martha stole a drug packet from Dallas’s pocket and made Justin the culprit. He woke up with a knife near his throat.

Then he and his friend Craig Pennell were asked to rob to pay Dallas’s money. They ran to the jewelry shop at Mockingbird street to hide where there were two men in the shop: Jim Jacobs, owner of the shop, and Francis “Allen” Carter, a customer at the shop. In the fire battle, the customer was shot and died, the owner and Craig ran away leaving Justin alone, with no option to run. He was then caught up by the police 3 days later. And from then onwards, he was in jail with no crime.

I Am A Killer Season 3 Cast

James Robertson, Deandra Buchanan, Kenneth Foster Jr., Miguel Angel Martinez, and Justin Dickens.

Here is all the information we could collect about season 3. Though everything is not confirmed by the original makers the assumptions are going to be very right. Until the season renews for its third season, you can enjoy the trailer of the show on youtube.