Is 7 Prisoners A True Story? Answer Might Shock You

We as an audience must have gone through every genre at least once and realized that every genre has its specialty. We are sure that you must have known that which is your favorite genre amongst them. But crime and thriller series have gained much popularity and attention from the viewers. Netflix has a record of bringing fabulous series and films from various countries. This time again our favorite OTT platform Netflix has brought this amazing film named 7 Prisoners. This is a Brazilian crime drama film. Fans were curious to know more about the about 7 Prisoners. After watching the film the first question which comes to many viewers’ minds Is 7 Prisoners A True Story? Don’t worry here in this article we have brought everything about this film. So read this post till the end to clear all your doubts whether the film is scripted or based on a true story.

7 Prisoners Release Date

The film was released on 6 September 2021 in Venice. And it was available on Netflix in November 2021. With the running timing of 90 minutes. The film has done critically and commercially well. People loved the plot especially the crime drama lover. It received 7.2 out of 10 on IMDB. 98 percent on Rotten tomatoes and 80 Percent on Metacritic. Also, the content was appreciated and fans have started searching for the sequel. But as of now, we don’t have anything regarding the release date it’s better to watch the film rather than wasting your time and searching about its sequel. According to our sources, there’s no need to wait for the film because it’s not going to come. But if we will get any information we will inform you all.

7 Prisoners Cast

Directed and screenplay done by Alexandre Moratto. Produced by Ramin Bahrani, and Fernando Meirelles. Produced underO2 Filmes. Christian Malheiros as Mateus , Bruno Rocha, Rodrigo Santoro as Luca, Lucas Oranmian as Isaque, Vitor Julian as Ezequiel , Cecilia Homem de Mello, and Dirce Thomaz.

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Are 7 Prisoners A True Story?

The Film is not based on a true story but we can say it’s partially based on the true story. Because the story revolves around human trafficking and forced labor that we see in our daily life. So we can say that through this movies makers are trying to aware people.

7 Prisoners Plot

To provide a better life for his family and country 18 years Mateus except for a job in Junkyard. Where he and a few other boys were trapped in a dangerous world of trafficking. Now Mateus has to decide whether to work for a man who imprisoned him or to risk him and his family’s future. Luca who runs Junkyard takes on some guy’s from the country. He forces them to work with him until their death. Mateus was one of them who went to the city for work. He was intelligent, he comes from a loving family and he has big dreams.

Other’ young man who is going with him has big dreams too. But they didn’t come from the best family situation also they are not too well educated. They all thought that they will get wages so that they can send them to their family. Also, the story captures the joy of new places, sharing experiences with their new friends. But the situation becomes worse when they got to know that they all are trapped. If they try to confront anyone or try to escape from their then unthinkable could happen not only to them but to their family too.

They are not getting proper food to eat and Luca has not paid them. Now Mateus decided that when they will get their wages of last week then only they all will work. Luca was very angry with him. They all tried to escape from that place but they were caught. They all were fighting for their survival. Will, they will be successful in escaping? Will, there will be a happy ending? Many questions and the only way to clear all your queries is to go and watch 7 Prisoners on Netflix.

Is 7 Prisoners Worth Watching?

According to me, you should watch this film. Because you will be closely seeing the situation which is related to reality. Also how there are many young men in real life just like them who are working in forced labor.

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