Search Party Season 6 Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

Search Party is an American thriller television series. The genre of the series is a dark psychological thriller with a lot of suspense and comedy-drama. The plot of the series surrounds some people in New York City. One of their female friends disappeared in a suspenseful way. All other people try to find her and are involved in various problems related to her.

The series is developed by Sarah Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter. The series is released under the production companies of Jax Media, Quiet and Considerate Productions, Semi-Formal Productions, and Studio T. The series has a total of 4 seasons with 40 episodes.

Search Party Season 6 Release Date

Season 1 ran from November 17, 2016, to November 25, 2016, Season 2 ran from November 19, 2017, to December 17, 2017, Season 3 premiered on June 25, 2020, Season 4 ran from January 14, 2021, to January 28, 2021, and Season 5 will premiere on Jan 7, 2022. It got 8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is liked by approximately 90% of people. The running time of each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes. Season 1 and 2 were released on TBS and Season 3, 4, and 5 were released on HBO Max.

If we talk about its season 6, then we will tell you first that its season 5 is yet to come by the next year. Reports have announced that season 5 will again have a total of 10 episodes. Makers have also announced that season 5 will be the last season of the series. If still, there will be any chances of season 6, then it will come by 2023 but, the chances are nil.

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Search Party Season 5 Story

Search Party Season 6

The story of the series revolves around finding a young woman, Chantal Witherbottom by a group of some friends. Chantal is Dory’s school friend but, they weren’t so close enough. After growing up, Dory saw some pamphlets of “Missing Chantal”. From then onwards, she started her investigation to find Chantal. She once saw her in a Chinese restaurant but, she ran away when Dory approaches her, leaving a book.

She tells the whole story to her friends and her boyfriend the next day, but nobody believes her. In fact, her boyfriend thinks that she met her ex-boyfriend, Julian. She gave up her tries to find Chantal later as she found no clues and evidence regarding this. For the last time, she went to her Facebook page but, she soon discovers a clue. She once again had her glimpse in a bus.

Believing that she is dead, Dory and her friends visit her house for the last time to pay their tribute. Dory tells her mother that Chantal is alive as she saw her. Hearing this her mother started crying and screaming. Seeing this, Chantal’s brother-in-law asked everyone to leave. Dory also found Chantal’s photographs with Gavin and a folded sonogram, indicating that she was pregnant.

Dory then arranges a meeting with Drew and Gavin. They both suspects him, took his phone, and checked everything, founding hundreds of emails for Chantal. Gavin soon realizes that he was made a fool. Dory tells him that Chantal was pregnant but, he says that she was cheating on him. Dory when throwing the garbage suspects a man who was also following her a few hours ago. He was Keith Powell, a private detective, hired by Chantal’s family to look upon her, who along with Dory started to find Chantal. They both went to her room and tried to bring a box with them but, Penelope, Chantal’s roommate, did not allow them. They discovered that the box is from Bellow & Hare.

Dory along with Elliot and Portia went up to that place and get into a game, The Moment. When it was Dory’s turn, she started telling about Chantal but was stopped as The Moment came up. When she arrived at her house, she was amazed by seeing her things (helpful in Chantal’s investigation) were torn up and found a note: Stop Looking For Chantal.

They all finally found Chantal but, Dory killed Keith in this when she found that her family did not hire him and, he was about to kill Chantal. Though they found Chantal but got in a murder case and investigations. They started living their normal life. We see in the last season that Dory was kidnapped and a new search resumes again for her by her friends.

Search Party Season 6 Story Prediction

Search Party Season 6

The plot of the next season will surround Dory and her life. We have seen in the last season that she was kidnapped and her friends started a new search party to find her. We will be seen her realization that who is she and her aims.

Search Party Season 6 Cast

Alia Shawcat in the character of Dory Sief is an obsessed detective girl who lives with her boyfriend, Drew. She gathers her friends to find her school friend, Chantal, who got disappeared. They weren’t close enough but, Dory get attentive after her disappearance. Meredith Hagner in the character of Portia Davenpor is a bubbly and optimistic girl. She loves meeting new people and is currently helping Dory with her investigation to find Chantal.

John Early in the character of Elliott Goss is a compulsive liar whose life just surrounds him. He is the founder of a charity that delivers water bottles in Africa. John Paul Reynolds in the character of Drew Gardner is a sweet, polite, and loving person. He cares much about Dory and tries to let her give him some attention. Brandon Michael Hall in the character of Julian is the ex-boyfriend of Dory but still cares about her.

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