Final Space Season 4 Release Date Is Out! What Is The Current Status?

Final Space is an adult animated television series. The genre of the series is comedy, drama, science fiction, action, and adventure. It is a boom for small kids as well as young ones too. The series is created by Olan Rogers and developed by David Sacks. The story of the series revolves around an astronaut Gary Goodspeed who has an alien friend named, Mooncake. They both solve the mysteries of galaxies and protect the universe from a giant doom. The series is released under the production companies of ShadowMachine, Jam Filled Entertainment, Star Cadet, New Form Digital, Conaco, and Studio T.

Final Space Season 4 Release Date

Final Space Season 4

Season 1 ran from February 26, 2018, to May 7, 2018, with 10 episodes, Season 2 ran from June 24, 2019, to September 23, 2019, with 13 episodes and Season 3 ran from March 20, 2021, to June 14, 2021, with again 13 episodes. Season 1 was premiered on TBS and Season 2 and Season 3 got premiered on Adult Swim. The series is released in the United States and Canada in the English language.

The running time of each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes. The series has 3 seasons with a total of 36 episodes. The release date of the next season of the series is not announced till now but there is a chance that it will not get its next season. Furthermore, if it will get renewed for its next season, then the chances are that it will come by the next year.

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Final Space Season 3 Story

Gary Goodspeed is an energetic astronaut who is a prisoner in a prison spacecraft, Galaxy One. He encounters a mysterious planet destroying but the cute alien. He became his friend and give him the name, Mooncake. He soon got to know that the Lord Commander is behind Mooncake so that he can become more powerful and strong. The alien has the potential to open a door to a new universe, Final Space. Gary and Mooncake work together to save the universe with HUE, the artificial intelligence.

Gary then met with Avocato whose son, Little Cato is a prisoner to Lord Commander. Gary helps him to get back his son. Unfortunately, Avocato lost his life in the battle. Meanwhile, Quinn Erhon, who is the captain in the Infinity Guard tries to consume the whole Earth and joined the forces of Lord Commander. Many battles run on and due to this, Gary, Moonwalk, HUE, and Little Cato go round the universe to see its beauty and to free Bolo from the prison. In found so, they all get into the Final Space to save Quinn.

In saving Quinn from prison, Gary and Bolo get trapped in the Final Space and tried just to survive. Meanwhile, Lord Commander and his squad try to capture Moonwalk so that they can become more powerful and strong. The final battle goes on and there is a fight between who will be the last survivor of the planet.

Final Space Season 4 Characters

Olan Rogers in the voice of Gary Goodspeed is a prisoner of a prison ship named the Galaxy One. He has an alien friend named Mooncake who tries to protect him from Lord Commander. Olan Rogers in the voice of Mooncake is a green round floating alien who is found by Gary. He protects Gary. Steven Yeun in the voice of Little Cato is the son of Avocato and the former prisoner of Jack.

David Tennant is the voice of Jack the Lord Commander is the main antagonist of the series. He is the archenemy of Gary Goodspeed. He is the alien director of his home planet on which he rules over. Coty Galloway in the voice of Avocato is a Ventexian who works for Lord Commander. Later on, he joins Gary’s squad to fight with the Lord Commander to rescue his son Little Cato who was in the prison.

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