Duncanville Season 3: When Is The Animated Sitcom Returning ?

Duncanville is an American animated adult sitcom that is created by Amy Poehler, Mike Scully, and Julie Scully. Show creators have also served as the executive producers of the series. The show is currently premiering on Fox which also serves as the production company for Duncanville. The opening theme I’m better is performed by IRONTOM. Duncanville has received favorable reviews from critics as well as audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes show has a rating of 91 %, whereas Metacritic has rated the show an average of 64 out of 100.

Duncanville Season 3 Release Date

Duncanville Season 3

The development of the show started on 26th October 2018 when Fox network ordered a 13 episode series that is to be developed by Amy Poehler. Over the course of a few upcoming months, various production houses joined the production of the show and Duncanville finally entered the animation stage. The first episode of Duncanville aired on 16th April 2020. The show was made available to stream on different platforms such as Hulu, I tunes, and youtube. On 6th April 2020, it was announced that Duncanville is renewed for a second season which premiered on 23rd May 2021. Ahead of the premiere of the second season makers and broadcasters announced that the show has been renewed for a third season on 6th April 2021.

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Duncanville Story

Duncanville follows the story of a 15-year-old average and simple boy Duncan Harris who is always conscious that he must not fall into trouble. Along with Duncan lives his family, his father who always try to become a better father figure to him more than his father was to him. Duncan’s mother is a parking enforcement officer but wants to be a successful detective someday. Duncan has a teen sister Kimberly and an adopted Asian sister Jing who is 5 years old but very intelligent. Mia is Duncan’s crush from school.

Duncanville Season 2 Recap

The story is set in the town of Duncanville and focuses on a 15-year-old boy Duncan who lives with his family and they among with his friends help Duncan navigate through his teen life. Duncan is removed from the video game squad of his friends. Annie along with Duncan tries to investigate a gang of criminals selling counterfeit goods, Jack makes Kimberly and Jing ill. Duncan holds a protest on the annual witch day in town to impress Mia. Duncan’s family Buys a smart refrigerator that makes Annie feel replaced. Jack and Annie visit a 1980’s style retro club to celebrate their anniversary meanwhile Jing makes Duncan marry her. Jack is following his long dream of writing a rock opera.

Duncanville Season 3

Duncanville Season 3 Characters

Amy Poehler voices Duncan, a normal 15-year-old boy who is leading a simple life avoiding problems. Amy also gives voice to Amy the mother of Duncan. Ty Burrell voices Jack, father of Duncan who is a plumber by profession but rock music is his passion. Riki Lindhome voices Kimberly, Duncan’s eldest sister. Joy Osmanski voices Jing, the adopted Asian sister of Duncan who often gives her advice as she is very intelligent.

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