Reckoning season 2 Release Date Revealed!

Romantic drama series are an all-time favourite of the viewers but thriller drama series with a combination of serial killers have a different fan base. Reckoning is a story of the darkest aspect of the male psyche. Reckoning shows the story of two fathers having a different mentality one of them is a cop and another one is a serial killer. Investigation of a murder of a teen boy is being processed. Created by David Hubbard and directed by Shawn Seet, Peter Andrikidis, Jennifer Lacey. The show features Sam Trammell, Aden Young, Gloria Garayua, Laura Gordon in leasing roles. Production work of the show started in July 2018 and was released on2019. Season one contains ten episodes each episode have a run of 42 minutes. Season one was full of action, drama and thrill now the audience is looking for season Reckoning season 2. Here we have mentioned what we know so far about Reckoning season 2.

Reckoning Season 2 Is Happening Or Not?

It’s have been more than a year since season one was released since the makers of the show didn’t say anything about Reckoning Season 2. Well, season one completed the story itself as well as it was dubbed as the miniseries so does it means that Reckoning is not going to have a second season?
Makers didn’t announce its renewal but at the same time they didn’t even cancel it, so it completely depends upon the makers of the show. Makers of the show can still choose to go ahead with season 2. If they decided to renew the show in the summer then we can get season 2 in nearly 2023.

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Reckoning Season 2 Cast Expectations

Reckoning Season 2

In Reckoning Sam Trammell featured as Leo Doyle, Aden Young as Detective Sergeant Mike Serrato, Simone Kessell featured as Paige Serrato, Laura Gordon featured as Candace Doyle. Gloria Garayua featured as Detective Cyd Ramos, Mitzi Ruhlmann featured as Amanda Serrato. If season 2 happens then the chances of watching the lead cast is high. As long as the storyline of a supposed season 2 is not disclosed, we cannot say which of the above cast members will be preparing for a comeback.

Reckoning Season 2 Plot Expectation

Reckoning highlights the story of two fathers who were supposed to protect their families at any cost Leo Doyle and Mike Serrato are two fathers. Gretchen McGrath is a teen boy who got murdered and the clues point to the Russian River Killer also known as RRK. The case of the murder is going to be handled by
Mike, Mike is searching for a serial killer for the last two decades. But when Leo comes to be a prime suspect, Mike onsets obsessing over how to trap him. Season 1 finishes off on a practically conclusive note and if a potential season 2 happens, we can expect the writers to approach a different storyline.

Reckoning Recap

As we mentioned before Reckoning explores the darkest corners of the male psyche. It shows how two trying fathers protect their families in the opposite way. Just like the common men Leo and Mike try to do what’s best for the people they love, the families they safeguard.

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