Is Karnan Based On A True Story? Read To Know!

We all need a break after our hectic schedule. Let me guess what you all do to entertain yourself I think you must watch movies or series just like me? If you love watching then here we have brought an amazing South Indian film named Karnan. No need to think about how south Indian films are making their place in the audience’s heart. Past few years just like Bollywood and foreign series and movies, South Indian films are loved and watched by everyone. The things which make South Indian film unique is character development and unique concept. The films are not only limited to India but also people in foreign countries enjoy watching them. If you have watched Karnan you must be thinking about whether the film is based on a true story. So in this article, we will be talking about Is Karnan Based On A True Story?

In 2021 Karnan was released and available on Amazon Prime Video. the online streaming platform makes our work easier. Because of the online platform, we can see any series and movies any time anywhere. After releasing on Amazon Prime people went crazy after watching the film. This film made people amazed with its talented cast and realistic story. If you want to know more about the film and are curious about if a story is real or just a fictional one then here is the answer regarding the film and viewers’ main concern that Is Karnan Based On A True Story? So read this article to find out.

Karnan Release Date

The film was released on 9 April 2021 also Available on Amazon Prime Video. With the running timing of 159 minutes. The series did well in Box office and earned 95 crores. Karnan received 8.2 on IMDB. Produced under V Creations. Looking at the rating you can think how popular the film was. People appreciate the actors and makers for bringing such amazing content. It is one of the highest growing Films of this year.

Karnan Cast

The film involves many amazing actors and actresses. Directed and written by Mari Selvaraj. Produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu. Let’s take a look at the cast member. Dhanush as Karnan, Lal as Yema Raja, Rajisha Vijayan as Draupathai in the lead role. Other cast members includes Yogi Babu as Vadamalaiyaan, Gouri Kishan as Poyilal, Natarajan Subramaniam as SP Kannabiran, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli as Padmini, Shanmugarajan as Abhimanyu, Phathmen as melur youngster, G. M. Kumar as Duriyodhanan, Janaki as Karnan, ‘Poo’ Ram, and Azhagam Perumal as Melur.

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Is Karnan Based On A True Story?

Is Karnan Based On A True Story

The story is not based on the true event but it is similar to the event that happened in 1995 in Kodiyankulam. The story revolves around the village where no bus stop was there and people have to go to another village to take a bus. The story starts when a girl is lying on the road and no one stopped the car or bus and took her to the hospital. Then the scene goes back to 1997 in a village which was far away from the main City. And the main problem was no bus stop in the village because there was no stoppage. Also, they fought with the neighboring village. Karnan has no work to do and his sister is working and taking care of her family.

Duryodhana’s sister draupathai loves Karnan and he too loves her but they don’t have admitted their love. Later on, they both travel in the same bus and Karnan asks the bus conductor to stop the bus in their village rather than taking them to melur. When the conductor didn’t stop the bus Karnan jumped from the bus. The bus stopped and people from his villages on the bus come down to see him. Draupathai came and they both told each other about their feelings.

Later on, we see karnan younger sister who is dead come to his father’s dream and tell him that she has hidden coins in the land. When he was digging the land he got a box consisting of coins which she left before she died. Karnan fights with a bus owner and now the case when to police. Later on, everything was sorted but the police were very angry with the villagers he called some of them and the inspector started to torture them. Karnan discovered the truth that they all are dead and that inspector is responsible for everything. The next morning Karnan received a CRP letter for joining but he wasn’t happy.

When karnan went with his father to the city. Police came and attacked villagers and looking at all this his grandfather felt helpless and he burned himself. One small boy went to Karnan and told about what happened when he was not there. He came and killed the police officer. He was imprisoned for 10 years after 10 year’s he was back in his village where we see Duryodhana and Sarpanch were dead and villagers were happy to see Karnan. And in the last scene we see karnan s sister was clapping and the film end’s.

Karnan Trailer

If you still haven’t watched the film take a glance at the trailer and watch the film.

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