Movies Like Red Notice That Are Must Watch For You All!

Movies like Red notice are in vogue nowadays. Red Notice is a heist film that caught much attention of the OTT audience. The reasons behind the success of Red Notice on the OTT platform as the highest-grossing movie were a strong star cast and a catchy storyline. Here storyline refers to the heist genre. The heist genre never disappoints the audience and gives them pure entertainment. Whether it be Money Heist, The Mummy and all the heist movies that come to your mind are perfect examples of the success of the heist genre in the Hollywood industry. Along with Heist, Action has brought out some of the most loved movies like Shang Chi, Venom, Tenet, The Matrix, and many more. Today we are going to talk about such movies as Red notice that have performed well while belonging to the action-comedy genre.

The Matrix

The Matrix movie is still living inside the heart of its audience. Matrix movie was a revolution in reality for the cinema because it introduced new parameters of visual effects at that time and was one of the most loved movies of the world. It got much acclaim from critics and even many nominations for elite awards like BAFTA, Academy, and Emmy awards. It was released in November 2003 and got much attention from VFX artists from all over the world.

The Suicide Squad 2021

Movies like Red notice

The Suicide Squad 2021 was a pure success. Along with the action, the comedy section bore up by action movie with great comedy scenes f Sylvester Stallone who depicting the character of a shark. The movie is set on an island where the government sends all of the supervillains to eliminate a threat that may doom the world. How those supervillains deal with the threat and eliminate it is an interesting journey to go on.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman The Dark Knight rises was an exceptionally well work by Christopher Nolan that amazed the world. Along with the movie genius mind of Christopher Nolan, the Demonic acting of Keith Ledger was worth applaudable. Keith Ledger posthumously got an Academy Award for the movie that was released. The psychological aspect Nolan had brought in the movie along with the action pinch was a great combination. The fighting scenes of Joker and Batman were unique in their own way as they were not like traditional martial arts movies but were genuine fighting moves that come out as a response while fighting.

Fast and Furious Franchise

Movies like Red notice

Fast and Furious movie franchise is a legendary movie franchise that lives right in the heart of the audience. The action level in fast and Furious was brought wholly to a different level through cars and Vin Diesel’s horrifying stunts. The first saga of the film was released in the year 2001 which got a great response from the audience. After that, the popularity of the movie franchise kept going and it ruled the audience’s heart for about 15 years and gave 8 back-to-back franchise movies in succeeding years. All the fast and Furious movies have their own place and are considered pioneers of car action in the films.

The Mission Impossible Franchise

How can one forget about the Mission Impossible Franchise while talking about the action genre? Mission Impossible leads at the front while talk of action movies takes place. With nobody double and doing all stunts by Tom Cruise himself is legendary in all aspects. Whether it be the movie scale, the production value, the star cast, or whatever it be, Mission impossible movie franchise hits every aspect in the bull’s eye. When talking about the star cast of the Mission Impossible Franchise, it has starred from Tom Cruise to Indian actors like Anil Kapoor and Ali Fazal in their movies which denotes the global level making of the film franchise.

So here were some movies which ruled the action genre of the Hollywood industry. Some films were a combination of action as well as a psychological genre that put them aside from other films and got them acclamations from critics as well as jury of Elite awards like Emmy and Academy Awards. The action genre has always been in vogue due to its stylish depiction which fascinates the audience most. Movies like Red Notice are keeping the pure taste of action in films live with a catchy and a deluxe star cast including the prominent actors of Hollywood. Hope you liked the info. If you did so, don’t forget to subscribe to our page and click on the links below to read more such blogs!

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