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Documentaries always catch the attention of the audience because people are interested in the real-life of famous persons rather than the reel life or the life full of protocols. The documentary gives the audience the opportunity to observe their famous celeb in their daily life doing regular stuff that a normal person does in his daily life. When these kinds of documentaries are related to sports like American football, it becomes a passion for the audience to watch this kind of documentary. Such a documentary is Hard Knocks which is a reality sports documentary series. The series is produced under NFL films and HBO. This show is lasted for so long that even the first season of Hard Knocks that was aired in 2001 has become nostalgic for some fans.

The show is all about the NFL team’s training and its preparation for the next football season. The key highlight of this show is that the show doesn’t focus on a single team for seasons but each season the show brings the audience a new team to explore. The show is created by Marty Callner and has a vast number of 16 episodes. The total number of episodes that cover under 16 episodes is 62. The first and second season of Hard Knocks had 6 episodes per season while the number of episodes for season 3 and ahead were 5 episodes per season. Each episode had a duration of approximately one hour. But today we are going to talk about the second season of Hard Knocks which was released in 2002.

Hard Knocks Season 2 Release Date

Hard Knocks Season 2

Hard Knocks season 2 was released in 2002 and the team that featured on the second season installment of the documentary series was Dallas Cowboys. The second season’s narrator was Liev Schreiber. Hard Knocks season 2 revolves all around the Dallas Cowboys and covers different aspects related to the game of Dallas Cowboys.

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Hard Knocks Season 2 Plot

The second season of Hard Knocks was purely based on the activities of the Dallas Cowboys that include Quincy Carter’s dilemma of giving her best performance in the game and this pressure escalates due to the inclusion of Chad Hutchinson as a backup quarterback in the team. Along with it, the adjustment Rookie Roy Williams is doing to fit in professional football, Emmitt Smith’s quest to be at his best in the upcoming season, training of the cheerleaders of Dallas Cowboys, and the consistency pressure on team coach Dave Campo for the third consecutive year to make the team win with his experience. All of this is included in a single show!! Yes!! Can you believe it?? One thing is for sure that the editing level in these kinds of documentaries is just fabulous!

Hard Knocks Season 1 Recap

Hard Knocks season was focused on team Baltimore Ravens and the show was narrated by Liev Schreiber. Ravens were champions, that’s why the first season talked about the hard work, the team is putting into its preparation and the adjustment of noobies Dwayne Missouri and Rookies Todd Heap with professional football. Some secondary topics like the career-ending years of veteran players, the Ravens’ recovery after the injury of its player Jamal Lewis, the competency between Randall Cunningham and Elvis Grbac, and the management lessons from Brian Billick and Ozzie Newsome. These were some topics that were discussed in the first season of the Hard Knocks.

Hard Knocks Season 2 Characters

Hard knocks season 2

The team that featured in Hard Knocks season 2 were the players of the Dallas Cowboys and the cheerleaders of the team. The main personnel that were portrayed in the documentary series were as follows-

  • Jerry Jones, Owner of Dallas Cowboys
  • Dave Campo, Head Coach of the team
  • Quincy Carter, player
  • Chad Hutchinson
  • Rookie Roy Williams
  • Emmitt Smith
  • Cheerleaders of Dallas Cowboys

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