Is Tiger King Season 3 Release Date Announcing Soon?

Based on an actual crime figure, Tiger King is a television miniseries documentary based on the life of Joe Exotic who was a criminal to the eyes of the law and a zookeeper to the eyes of the world. The first season of Tiger King was released on OTT Giant Netflix on March 20, 2020. The official announcement for the second season was confirmed in September 2021 while it is set to be released on 17 November 2021. This ravishing show is directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin. The persons that have appeared in this documentary are Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Bhagavan Antle, Rick Kirkham, and Travis Maldonado. The first season of Tiger King had 7 episodes and a special episode each with a duration of about 41 to 48 minutes. The producers of this show are Chris Smith and Fisher Stevens. The plot of the show talks about the cat conservationists that do criminal activities under the cover of wild animal conservation. Though the series was critically acclaimed but also raised eyebrows of some people who believed that the show was inaccurate about the small breeding details and was earning money on the name of conservation animals.

Tiger King Season 3 Release Date

Tiger king season 3

Considering the popularity and viewership of Tiger King, it is confirmed that the Tiger King will soon be renewed by Netflix for its third season. The first season was a full-fledged success for the makers and gained the recognition of people from all over the world. Though the second season of Tiger King is set to be released on 17 November 2021, there are no updates regarding the renovation of the third season of Tiger King. The show portrays some of the serious issues related to the Cat reservation industry. Though everyone now is waiting for the second season to be aired soon so that they can enjoy the conviction of one of the biggest zookeepers and cat conservationists Joe Exotic.

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Tiger King Season 3 Plot

Tiger King season 3 is dependent on the second season of Tiger King because if the conviction of Tiger King for the murder of Carole Baskin will be concluded at the end of the second season then the third season will not come into reality. But if the story will be put in suspense at the end of the second season then the third season of the show will soon come into reality because streaming platform Netflix is much excited about making this show considering its high viewership and popularity among the audience.

Tiger King Season 1 and 2: Recap

While the first season of Tiger King focused on the good side of Joe Exotic aka Tiger King as a zookeeper and cat-loving conservationist, the second season of Tiger King is going to be focused on the conspiracies and plot set up by Joe exotic for his staunch competitor Carole Baskin. The second season of Tiger King will proceed with enough twists ad turns that will ultimately lead to Joe being put behind the bars by the cops for his misdeeds. The first season of Tiger King was primarily focused on discussing the age-long feud between Carole and Joe over some issues. Joe’s jealousy for Carole rages in such a way that he takes the step of murdering Carole and sets up the plot for it. Though his intention succeeds he doesn’t manage to maintain his happiness for long and got convicted for the murder of Carole. Along with murder, Joe was also charged for the violations of different animal conservation acts.

Tiger King Season 3 Cast

If the conviction of Joe will not be proved at the end of the first season, the third season will include the same characters as there are in season 2 for sure. Here is the list of subjects that may gonna appear in the third season of the Tiger King-

  • Joe Exotic – Founder of G.W. Zoo
  • John Reinke – Manager at G.W. Zoo
  • John Finlay – Romantic partner of Joe
  • Erik Cowie – Zookeeper at G.W. Zoo
  • Kelci “Saff” Saffery – Zookeeper at G.W. Zoo
  • Travis Maldonado – Husband of Joe
  • Rick Kirkham – TV producer at JoeExoticTV
  • Dillon Passage – Second husband of Joe
  • Joshua Dial – Joe’s campaign leader
  • Carole Baskin – CEO at Big Cat Rescue
  • JP Wilson – Magician who performed with Joe
  • Barbara Fisher – Former employee at T.I.G.E.R.S.
  • Doc Antle – Director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.)
  • Howard Baskin – Husband of Carole
  • Mario Tabraue – drug trafficker as well as zoo owner
  • Lauren Lowe – Wife of Jeff
  • Jeff Lowe – Second and final owner of G.W. Zoo
  • James Garretson – Investor in G.W. Zoo
  • Allen Glover – Hired as hitman in Carole Baskin murder-for-hire plot
  • Joel McHale – Host of after-show
  • Tim Stark – Founder of Wildlife in Need

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