How To Watch Anime For Free? Know Here!

Anime has proven to be a time pass for children as well as the adult audience. They are not only becoming means of entertainment for the kids but they also offer a thriller as well as a psychologically versed experience. Characters are so well defined in these anime such that the audience experiences all the emotions including family time, friendship, love, and relations. Seeing the rise in the popularity of anime as the years are passing on, various websites are making these anime available free online as these anime come with a good subscription price. That’s why people are trying a way out to get the anime for free. But first, we must know what anime is?? Do you want to know the websites that offer free anime content online?? Don’t bother to search here and there because we are here to reduce your effort!!


Anime is a type of hand drawing that prevails in Japan and is also used as an animation. Anime is generally jargon for the word animation. The earliest example of anime in Japan dates to 1917. But the credit of the spread of anime in Japan at a revolutionary level goes to cartoonist Osamu Tezuka. Anime is now getting broadcasted on Television as well as the Internet. Anime is growing day by day and the reason behind its persistent rise is the different kinds of genres that anime is offering to people. Over 430 production houses belong to the anime genre and some of the most prominent production houses of anime are Toei animation, Sunrise, and Studio Ghibli animation. According to Stats, about 65 to 68 percent of animation streaming of the world is from Japan. People say in Japan that Emakimono and kagee were the pioneers of anime in Japan. The legacy that started way before is now gaining recognition all over the world.

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Famous Anime Characters

There are some characters that we must have seen in our childhood and can’t even manage to forget it even now. Some of the famous Anime characters that ruled the world with their emotions and those drawings made the audience sentimental with their emotions are as follows-

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
  • Kurisu Makise
  • Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Light Yagami – Death note
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Killua Zoldyck
  • Sakata Gintoki – Gintama
  • Naruto Uzamaki- Naruto
  • Roronoa Zoro – One piece
  • Rintarou Okabe- Strings; Gate
  • Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan
  • Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece
  • L Lawliet – Death note
  • Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

How To Watch Anime For Free?

How to Watch anime for free

Don’t bother to search all those websites for hours because we the Liveakhbar team is here to fulfill all your needs related to the entertainment world. Here is a list of sites where you can get the anime content for free and they’ll provide you with one of the best entertainment sources-

  • Crunchyroll Worldwide:
  • Funimation USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (Soon to be Mexico & Brazil)
  • Worldwide
  • AnimeDao USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Singapore, etc.
  • 9anime Worldwide
  • Chia-Anime Worldwide
  • Anime planet Worldwide
  • AnimeLab New Zealand and Australia
  • VIZ Worldwide
  • Worldwide
  • AnimeHeaven Worldwide
  • Worldwide
  • Asian Crush North America
  • USA
  • NicoNico USA, Japan, Taiwan(China)
  • Worldwide
  • Soul Anime Worldwide
  • AniPlus Asia Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines
  • MidNight.Pulp Worldwide
  • USA, Australia, Canada

So here were some ways that help you to watch the animation online for free. So what are you waiting for?? Click on these links and surf throughout the internet to watch some of the best anime shows and to pacify your binge thirst!! Subscribe to our page to get more details regarding these things. Will see you in the next blog, till then See ya!

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