Hōseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date Seems To Delay!

Hōseki No Kuni translated to English as Land of the Lustrous is an anime series. Written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa, it is a Japanese Manga series that is made as a television series. Hōseki No Kuni is produced by animation studio Orange, a computer graphic animation studio. The writer and director of this marvelous show are Toshiya Ono and Takahiko Kyōgoku respectively. The show is about some embodiments of gems that are being tried to be stolen by the Lunarians.
The series’ first season premiered on AT-X on October 7, 2017. But the rights of Hōseki No Kuni were bought by Animax Asia for releasing it in America. The Manga series got many acclamations for its exceptional visuals which were in 3d. The much-acclaimed feature of Hōseki No Kuni is its amazing concept along with its fluent storyline. Overall the series got well-received reviews from the critics and audience. The series even got the attention of its characters as well.

Hōseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date

Hōseki is currently airing on the AT-X channel, that’s why there are no such updates from the makers about the release of the second season of Hōseki No Kuni. As per the updates till October 2021, the show’s makers told the press for the second season of Hōseki no Kuni that the second season is put on a halt by the makers due to lack of content stuff. There has not been any good script or story since the ending of the last season of Hōseki no Kuni on which the makers are working upon. Producers also are anxious to put money in such a series that does not have any strong storyline.

Hōseki No Kuni Season 2 Plot

Hōseki No Kun season 2

As taking lead from the first season of Hōseki No Kuni, there are many possibilities regarding the plot of the Hōseki No Kuni season 2. Since Phos was on a journey to find Cinnabar a job better than the last one. In the second season, the plot can be the possibility that after getting Cinnabar a job, she finds that there are a number of creatures like Cinnabar who remained underground till then and suddenly appeared due to certain conditions. After finding that there are much more like Cinnabar, Phos finds it difficult to get all of them a job alone. That’s where the story moves forwards and our hero goes on a journey to discover the ways to get those unemployed night watch a job to feed on. How the troubles coming in way of Phos affect her is a very interesting plot.

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Hōseki No Kuni Season 1 Recap

The plot of Hōseki no Kuni is all about people who are representations of gemstones and have different powers against Lunarians. But the sole motive of Lunarians is to destroy the powers of those gemstones and acquire them just as an accessory. Along with it, there is a parallel plot going on in the show. Phos is a young and vulnerable gemstone who is on her quest to rewrite history to make Lunarians disappear. On her journey, Phos meets a night watch Cinnabar who is not happy with his job. Now Phos takes the responsibility to get Cinnabar a job that would make him happy and how she accomplishes it, that’s what the story is all about.

Hōseki No Kuni Season 2 Characters

Hōseki No Kun

Though there are no official announcements for the release of the second season of Hōseki no Kuni. But the characters that may gonna appear in this season of March Comes like a lion are as follows –

  • Phosphophyllite
  • Diamond
  • Cinnabar
  • Bort
  • Goshenite
  • Morganite
  • Rutile
  • Red Beryl
  • Jade

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