Is Lies And Deceit Season 2 Releasing In 2022? Know Everything Here!

Lies and Deceit is a Spanish television series. The genre of the series is thriller, drama, and mystery. It is a remake of the British series “Liar”, which is created by Jack and Harry Williams. The series is directed by Norberto López Amado and Curro Novallas. The series has only season 1 with 6 episodes. The series follows around a teacher, Laura Munar, who had been on a dinner date with a surgeon, Xavier Vera. The next morning she realized that she was given drugs and being raped. We just revolve around the mystery. The series is released under the production company of Atresmedia Studios.

Lies And Deceit Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 ran from April 19, 2020, to May 24, 2020. It got 8.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. The average duration of each episode is fifty minutes. With a deep mystery, the audience is now waiting for its next season to come. However, there is no officially announced notice of its release date, but the expectations are that the next season will come up by the end of 2022. Till then, we can just revolve around the mystery which season 1 has left and enjoy the season 2 trailer.

Lies And Deceit Season 1 Recap

Lies And Deceit Season 2

The story of the series revolves around a capable, independent, and smart lady teacher, Laura Munar. She is broken by the breakup with her partner. Her problems just do not end up here until she is known that her own sister is now having an affair with her ex-partner.

With the broken heart but realizing she is free and single now, she then accepts a date offer by Xavier Vera, a reputed surgeon and the widowed father of one of the students. He is also the co-worker of her sister who is a nurse. The date started well with an amazing dinner at the restaurant and a beautiful night. All was going well until the next morning when she woke up suddenly and forgot everything that happened the last night.

She hurriedly rushed to her sister’s place told everything to her. They both were confused about what happened the last night but soon Laura realized that she was raped. On the other hand, Xavier told his colleague about Laura. He told that she is an amazing and smart lady. He wanted to meet her again. He has already texted her and waiting for her reply.

Realizing that she was raped, she went to the police to file a rape case against Xavier but he, on the other hand, refused all the allegations. All broken, Laura put a story on her social media about what had happened to her. All the people, including her students, Xavier’s colleagues, and his son got to know about the incidents. Till now, no proper evidence was there which can put Xavier behind the bars. She then started her own investigation and soon found a vial of a liquid under Xavier’s bed in his house. She also took help from her ex who is a police officer too.

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Laura investigated his past life and his wife’s suicide case too. In anger, Xavier made his next target to the detective but when he realized that she is along Laura’s side he left her and made a plan to rape the next detective. He went to her house, drugged her, and raped her, leaving no evidence back. When she, heavily pregnant, went to the doctor and was told that she is bleeding and having pain, she was then told she was raped. Unfortunately, no drug was found in her blood too which made the case more suspicious.

Laura made many plans but always rejected them but one day she finally confronted him in a boat where she tied his hands, but he was able to free himself. After three months, Laura was again on a date with someone. She then spotted Xavier out of the window with another lady. She tried to warn her but fails. She once again made a plan to expose him and asked his sister to search for Xavier’s phone. When she got the phone, she noticed a message pop up which says: Collect your things.

She reached the place and behaved that she was in place of Xavier to collect the items. She found a bag of 17 memory cards and the rape recordings, including her own. Furthermore, she was happy, thinking that she will now get justice. It had been three weeks till now and there is no whereabouts about Xavier. And the suspense starts when season 1 ends up with the dead body of Xavier.

Lies And Deceit Season 2 Story Prediction

Lies And Deceit Season 2

As now season 1 is left with us the mysterious death or a fake death of Xavier, we are waiting for its next season to unravel the truth. We can most probably see the truth of his death; whether he is seriously dead or just making fake news of his death to be free from his misdeeds. We will also see the truth behind his assaults.

Lies And Deceit Season 2 Cast

Ángela Cremonte in the character of Laura Munar is a smart, capable, and independent English teacher who was accused of being raped. Javier Rey in the character of Xavier Vera is a known surgeon and the father of Laura’s student. Manuela Velasco in the character of Cata. Miquel Fernández in the character of Iván.

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