Shows Similar To Black Clover That One Can Watch And Enjoy!

Black Clover is a highly popular Japanese anime that has a cult fan following not only in Japan but other countries where it was broadcast. The anime show is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and Ayataka Tanemura. The series comprised a total of 170 episodes that were broadcast between 3rd October 2017 and 30th March 2021. The show had to face interruptions during its final season premiere due to the Covid – 19 pandemic that led to Delays in production and distribution of future episodes. The show was made available in India On Netflix on 23rd February 2021. Story of Black Clover focuses on Asta and Yono who are young orphans being raised in an orphanage.

Everyone in the Clover kingdom is born with an ability of a special magical power but Asta is born with no abilities whereas Yono has a unique ability to control winds. Both of them come to know of a title called “Wizard king” that is given to the strongest man in the kingdom, so Asta and Yono start a friendly competition to become the next wizard king.

1. Soul Eater

Shows Similar To Black Clover

Young boy Evans wants to become a Demon Scythe so he takes admission in extremely prestigious and difficult to get admission institute called Death weapon meister academy, he soon develops a friendship with Maka Albarn, the academy is famous for creating highly skilled Demon Scythe and Maka wants to produce the most powerful weapon to ever exist. Evans soon realizes that becoming a Demon Scythe is not that easy how it sounded but with the help of his friends he goes on various assignments and jobs of catching demons and monsters also focuses on their graduation.

2.Demon Slayer

Young Tanjiro is the sole earning member of his family after his father’s death, he has to take care of his mother and sister. One horrifying day when he returns from work he finds his mother dead and his sister turned into a half-demon. He soon finds out the demon behind all this and in his rage and anger starts a difficult journey to become a demon slayer while taking care of his sister.

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3. Bleach

Shows Similar To Black Clover

Bleach follows the story of a high school student Ichigo Kurosaki, whose life turns upside down after a very unfortunate incident where his entire family is killed by an evil and corrupt spirit known as hollow, while protecting the family from hollow the soul reaper of the family Rukia Kuchiki also becomes badly injured and asks Ichigo to take all her powers, hesitant Ichigo finally agrees and takes all the powers of Rukia making himself a soul reaper. Now he fights every evil spirit coming in his way and also makes friendships with people with unique abilities whose lives were destroyed by evil spirits.

4. Blue Exorcist

Humans and demons living in different worlds are in an uncomfortable balance for a long, one fine day Satan the god of demons decides to capture the land of humans and establish demon rule all over. Rin Okumura is a normal teenager but has a secret that he is also unaware of that he is the son of Satan. When Satan attacks and kills Rin’s adoptive father he joins the academy that trains exorcists along with his brother Yukio to defeat Satan forever.

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