Is My Love From The Star Season 2 Confirmed? Know Everything Here!

My Love From The Star is a South Korean television series. The genre of this series is comedy, fantasy, and romance. The story of the series follows an alien who fell in love with a human girl. It also shows the hardships, problems, and romance that came in between them. The series is written by Park Ji – Eun, produced by Choi Moon – suk and Moon Bo – mi, and directed by Jang Tae – Yoo. It is released under the production company of HB Entertainment.

My Love From The Star Season 2 Release Date

My Love From The Star Season 2

Season 1 ran from December 18, 2013, to February 27, 2014. It has a total of 21 episodes with one special episode. The series is originally released in the Korean language on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) TV as the series is from South Korea. The running time of each episode is an hour. After the blockbuster hit of its first season, the audience is waiting for its next season. As per the makers they are filming for the next season and the reports are that the next season can come in the last of 2021 or at the start of 2022.

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My Love From The Star Season 1 Story

Do Min – Joon is an alien who landed on the Earth in 1609 in the Joseon Dynasty. He had missed his return trip to his home planet in saving a girl from the cliff named Seo Yi-Hwa. Now, he will be on Earth for the next four centuries. He is just man-like and has many powers and strengths. He has a very powerful appearance with hearing and visual strength. He has a power that he will never get age. He has to change his identity every ten years. He has worked as a doctor, a banker, a lawyer, an astronomer and is now working as a college professor.

Cheon Song – Yi is a famous Hallyu actor. She has gained stardom and become famous at an early age. She was from a low-class family and with her stardom her younger brother, Cheon Yoo – Jae has to gain jealousy for her. Lee Hee – Kyung is her school friend and has a crush on her but he is continuously rejected. On the other hand, Yoo Se – mi, Cheon’s school friend has a crush on Lee but she is also being rejected by him. In losing every time in her career and love, Yoo Se – mi developed a jealousy corner for Cheon.

When there were only three months left in going to his home planet, Song – Yi came next to his house as his neighbor. He always helped her out from the problems which she invites. With the tactful knowledge of everything, he became her manager. He soon realizes that Cheon, in her young age resembles Yi – Hwa, with whom he fell in love 400 years earlier. Cheon and Min – Joon soon fell in love with each other. His aim was to leave the Earth as soon as possible therefore he tried not to attach emotionally with Cheon but he fails in doing this. Cheon at first did not understand his departure but later on understands and let him go for his safety and survival.

Getting low in love, her behavior was changed and she became very rude and reckless. Many sponsors and agencies decided not to work with her just because of her behavior and the rumor that she caused the suicide of her co-actor Han Yoo – Ra. She soon finds out that Yoo – Ra was in a secret relationship with Lee Jae – Kyung. Lee asked Cheon not to disclose this relationship to the public. Min Joon in favor of this deals with Lee and asked him to bury all the evidence which are against Cheon. But, Lee turns out to be very dangerous. He tries to disclose Min – Joon’s weaknesses and to injure Se – mi’s older brother, who was investigating Yoo – Ra’s case.

As the departure date was coming near, Min – Joon was losing his powers and strengths. In spite of jealousy of him in winning Cheon’s heart, Hee – Kyung helps Min – Joon to protect Cheon with Kyung.

My Love From The Star Season 2 Cast

My Love From The Star Season 2

Jun Ji-Hyun in the character of Cheon Song – ti is a top Hallyu actress and a star. She is very open and blunt. She fell in love with an alien who was her neighbor too. Kim Soo – Hyun in the character of Do Min – Joon is an alien who landed on the Earth in 1609 in the Joseon Dynasty. In saving a girl who was falling from the cliff, he missed his return trip to his home planet and remained on the Earth for the next four centuries. Yoo In – Na in the character of Yoo Se-mi is a sweet smiling girl who is envious of Song – Yi. She had a crush on Hwi – Kyung for a long time.

My Love From The Star Season 2 Awards and Nominations

My Love From The Star has won the Korean Drama Award under the category of Best Drama, the Seoul International Drama Award under the category of Excellent Korean Drama, and the Magnolia Award under the category of Best Foreign Television Series. It is also nominated for nine awards. Jun Ji-Hyun and Kim Soo-Hyun have won the Grand Prize – Television award and Most Popular Actor – Television award.

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