Here Are The Latest Golden Time Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Golden Times is a Japanese anime television series based on a light novel series of 2010. The novel was written by Yuyuko Takemiya and it has the same name. The novel was illustrated by Eji Komatsu. The novel was published by ASCII Media Works. While Dengeki bunko was responsible for imprints. This light novel was serialized in a weekly magazine called Dengeki Bunko Magazine. This light novel is especially for targeting the youths and high schoolers. The light novel series was first published on September 10, 2010, and continued till March 8, 2014. As a serialized novel, it has 11 volumes in total. Marking is popular the same publishers decided to create the novel into a manga. Later on, in 2011 the novel was converted into manga and was published under ASCII Media Works.

The manga was also published in the same magazine under the category Shonen, which is to specially target youths. The serialized version of the manga was released in October 2011 and ran till July 2016. The manga has 9 volumes in total with about 20 chapters in each volume. The best and the most famous part was when the novel was selected for anime adaptation. The anime version was directed by very popular Chiaki Kon and it was written by Fumihikio Shimo. The music was given by Yukari Hashimoto. The animation work took place in J.C Staff.

The anime version was licensed by Madman Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, and Animatsu Entertainment. The anime was serialized weekly on many television channels in Japan. While in other countries it was originally telecasted on Animax Asia. The first episode was released on October 3, 2013, and ended on March 27, 2014. It has a total of 24 episodes of roughly 40 minutes. A game was also developed and released by Konami. Unfortunately, the game was not a big success.

The anime is based on a fictional story and is a romantic comedy. It is a good watch for high school kids and young boys and girls. The anime will surely make you crack a big laugh. Although It has a very average rating online from various anime web pages.

Golden Times Season 2 Plot

Golden Times Season 2

A very intelligent and bright kid Banri Tada who just completed his graduation and is all set to move into a new college. But on the day of graduation he met with an accident, he fell from a bridge and as result, he lost all of his memory prior to the day of graduation. According to the doctor, he is diagnosed with Amnesia disorder. Although he is fine now and has managed to get into a new college. On the first day of college he attended the orientation everything goes fine but due to so much commotion, he feels dizzy and weak. Just then he bumps into another boy who just like him is lost and confused namely Mitsuo. Soon after they meet they get along and become good friends.

Banri on the same day meets Koko Kaga, her childhood best friend, They both promised to marry each other as a kid and Koko took this on her heart, therefore she follows her everywhere and tries to win his heart. Banri on the other hand has lost all his memory and can’t remember any promise like that. Hence the story continues ahead with Banri and Mitsuo’s friendship, Banri’s hardship to remember his memory, Dealing with college life, and Koko doing every single effort to win Banri’s heart.

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Golden Times Season 2 Release Date

Golden Times Season 2

Still, there is no official announcement about the renewal for season 2. It’s been more than 8 years since the last season, but this is a very common season gap in the anime industry. Many anime even come back for another season after 110 or 12 years. But due to the very less popularity and fan base of the anime, it is very difficult to say whether there is something to expect or not. The anime has received a very average rating from all over the anime review platforms, also there haven’t been any recent talks or upbringing for this anime, hence the chances for renewal are almost none and we must not see any other season for Golden Times.

Golden Times Season 2 Trailer

As written above, there is a very minute chance for season 2 to release due to the very less popularity and fan base of the Golden Times. Therefore it is harder to accept any trailer any time soon or ever again. But you can still watch the trailer for Golden Times season 1 if you are new to this anime, this might give you an idea about the anime, or else you may like it. The season 1 trailer is uploaded on Youtube.

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