Is Jai Bhim a True story? Here is the Answer!

Jai Bhim is a South Indian film which is originally released in the Tamil language. We need to feel better after our hectic schedule. So to tighten up your mood you can watch this film. As we all know that entertainment industry faced a huge loss due to the coronavirus pandemic but you can’t deny the fact that the OTT platform and viewers got the benefit of it. People were only limited to watching shows and films of their own country but due to the OTT platform, people get to see and explore new content from various countries. OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime video provide nonstop content to their viewers. So in this article, we will talk about Is Jai Bhim a True story? Here is the Answer!

Jai Bhim Release Date

Produced under 2D Entertainment. The film was announced in April 2021. It was released on 2 November 2021 in the theatre. Also available on Amazon Prime video with the running timing of 164 minutes. And received 9.6 out of 10 on IMDB. The film received positive feedback and ratings from the viewers. Looking at the rating you can see its fan’s following. After watching the film fan’s appreciated the makers for bringing the amazing content.

Jai Bhim Trailer

The trailer of the film is already released and getting popularity and love from the audience. If you have watched it you can understand its popularity.

Jai Bhim Cast

The cast members includes Suriya as Chandru, an advocate, Lijomol Jose as Senggeni, K. Manikandan as Rajakannu, Baby Joshika Maya as Alli, Rajisha Vijayan as Mythra, Prakash Raj as Perumalsamy , Rao Ramesh as S. Ram Mohan, Guru Somasundaram as Chellapandiyan in the lead role.

Tamizh as Gurumoorthy, Supergood Subramani as Veerasamy, M. S. Bhaskar as Sankaran, Bala Hasan. R as Kirubakaran, Jayaprakash as S. Radhakrishnan, Ilavarasu as Gunasekaran, Jaya Rao as Kathirvel, Sujatha Sivakumar as Subbulakshmi,Sibi Thomas as Ashok Varadhan, Subhadra as Pachaiyammal, Ravi Venkatraman as Bashyam, Rajesh Balachandran as Nataraj, Jijoy Rajagopal as Rajesh Munnar, Kumaravel as Albi Antony, Aravind Seiju as Madhan, Rajendran as Mosakkutty, and M. Chinraj as Irutappan.

Other cast members includesDeepa, S. Ravi as Elumalai, Kaveri as Mosakutty, Hello Kandaswamy, Bigil Siva as Dr Mahesh, P. R. George as Rajesh, K. Raju as Vinod, V. Renganathan as Rajakannu’s, Srikanth as Irutappan, Batman as Ravi, Kulotungan as a jeweller, Sivaranjani as Gunasekaran, Ramachandran as a judge, Rukmini, Yuva as Arunachalam, Saravanan as Sekhar, Dandapani as Ramasamy, Ashokan as Kaaliappan, Kumarasamy as Janakiraman, Deva as Sankar, Raamkumar, Dayalan as a jailor, and Subramanian as Rangarajan.

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Is Jai Bhim a True story?

Watching these types of movies fan’s always want to know whether the film was scripted or based on a true story. Don’t worry if you are curious to know whether Jai Bhim is based on a true story? Then here’s the answer. The film is based on real-life events which happened in 1993.

Jai Bhim the two words are enough to describe a fight for self-respect and struggle. At the starting of the film, we will see many people are coming out of jail. The jailer is asking their cast the one who belongs to the high cast was released and the one who belongs to the lower cast he asks them to make a new line. People of the higher cast do not treat well to people who belong to the lower cast. In the next scene, you will see Rajakannu and his wife. They both catch snakes and rats. Another character appears named Maitra who doesn’t believe in the caste system and treats everyone equally. Chandru is a human rights lawyer and now he is involved in the protest against the police officer. Because one of the police officers slapped a lawyer. Chandru is handling a case and fighting for justice for lower cast people. Higher-class people are doing wrong things and making them face the consequences. And police also support them in the wrong thing. Finally, Chandru was able to prove his point and won the case.

The village Sarpanch companied to police against Rajakannu. For stealing her wife’s jewelry. Later on, Senggeni meets Chandru and told him everything that the police did to her and her family. Chandru recorded everything that happened to her. The police are trying to find out Rajakannu as they think he has taken the jewelry. When police arrested him they torched him like a hell and ask him to admit his crime which he has never done. Sengeni meets Chandru and now he’s working seriously on this case. Chandru works with the help of habeas corpus writ. He was able to convince the judge to ask the police to search for Rajakannu.

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Facing a lot of challenges still Chandru manages to find out the truth about Rajakannu and his relatives. Also, he discovers that Rajakannu is dead and Senggeni recognised his body. Then the opposition lawyer ask a police officer to tell the truth about what happened that day. The police officer told him that he was dead when they were torching him. They threw his dead body on the highway. Chandru was able to prove that Police officers murdered Rajakannu. Later on, Chandru asks the judge to punish the Police officers and give justice to Rajakannu and his family.